Sep 13 (edited) in AI ChatBots Feature Update - Lead Collection πŸ“‹

Great news! We have just enabled the ability for you to collect leads using your AI Chatbot.

You can choose after how many messages the lead form appears, and when the user submits their details, they can carry on with the conversation.

All the leads come into your lead database, so you can grab the contact details and also quickly see the conversation they had with your bot for context.

In a few days time, you will be able to have the leads automatically emailed to multiple people at once and also be able to export them as a CSV file. πŸ₯³

I hope you like this new feature, and if you haven't tried yet, go build yourself a free Chatbot with it and see what you can do!



PS: Video is not supposed to have sound πŸ”Š


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