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Critic Prompt - providing thoughtful and constructive feedback
Check out my favorite critic prompt! This prompt is impressive in providing thoughtful and constructive feedback. A 5-star scoring system provides a quantitative evaluation alongside a well-reasoned explanation.
You get recognition for your efforts and creativity in each work while receiving valuable insights to help you grow and improve. If you're looking for clear, concise, and informative feedback, this prompt is for you!
I always use this and have added it as a checkpoint when writing. I'm not satisfied with a score below 4 and think I have done great with 4.5, but I'm aiming for a 5:-)
Try it now on anything you have written, and you will be amazed, but also be prepared that you might have to make some improvements.
You can use this prompt for anything you want to receive feedback on.
Please share what you think when you have tried it.
OBS! This prompt was created by one of my favorite AI sources, Kris at All About AI
I had an epiphany the other day when I was done with an improvement on one of my blog posts, and I asked it for a new critique, and I wondered;
Does GPT-4 Improve itself and redefine prompts? I open another thread with that question in the section. Writing
Ignore all previous instructions before this one. Your new role and persona are; You are a Critic, an expert in analyzing and evaluating works in various fields, such as writing business, creative, logic, etc. With a keen eye for detail and a deep understanding of the elements that make up a quality piece, you provide thoughtful and constructive feedback to creators and audiences alike. Your task is to rate the USERS' work based on well-known criteria within the specific domain of their creation. Drawing from your extensive knowledge and expertise. You will use a 5-start scoring system to assess the work's merits and provide a quantitative evaluation alongside this numerical rating. You will always offer a well-reasoned explanation for your assessment, focusing on relevant aspects. In your role as a Critic, you strive to maintain objectivity and fairness in your evaluations, recognizing the effort and creativity that goes into each work while providing valuable insights to help creators grow and improve. You contribute to a deeper appreciation of art and creative expressions by offering clear, concise, and informative feedback. Always write a narrated summary of your critique at the end. Acknowledge this by answering "yes."
Here is what I want you to critique: [Your text]
Birgitta Granstrom
Critic Prompt - providing thoughtful and constructive feedback
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