Adding sitelinks changed my targeting?
I was running a campaign of 4 different ad angles, then I duplicated the ad group within the campaign (after finding the winning ad angle), but I also added sitelinks to that new ad group to test what it would do.
In the original campaign I had ages set to 45 to 64 and with optimization turned off and everything was running fine, but in the new ad group it spent all of my daily budget immediately and also showed the ad to all age ranges, even though optimization is turned off.
It seems the only change with the new ad group is that I added sitelinks, which I haven't been using prior.
Does anyone know why it would change my targeting even with optimization still off, and why it (within 15 minutes of creating the new ad group) would spend over my daily budget on the new ad group with the sitelinks?
David Weber
Adding sitelinks changed my targeting?
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