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Youtube Ads accelerator
Had some free time today so though of checking out youtube ads accelerator. Got a lot of value from @Brian Moncada 's script writing framework. It took me a bit of time to realise it is not just a video but a full on course. It led me to a video midway through the course so, wanna know if any of you guys are having the same issue. Also highly recommend checking out the scriptwriting and ads framework video, i believe it's on the 2nd module.
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Why Your Ads Aren't Profitable: The Secret Ingredient You're Missing (new video)
Ever heard of the Marketing Tripod? If not, this is probably why your ads are not profitable... In fact, this is literally the SECRET ingredient that you need in order to... Experience jaw-dropping ROAS ✅ Build a household name and brand ✅ And build a scalable, stable, and most importantly... sustainable business ✅ I learned this SECRET from an agency owner who does $100m/year+... And I just posted a video showing you how it works, you can watch it on YouTube --> click here to watch the video and learn the secret ingredient Enjoy 🥂 -Brian 'chef ROAS' Moncada
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Why Your Ads Aren't Profitable: The Secret Ingredient You're Missing (new video)
16 days left... (plus NEW bonus)
Only 16-days left Ad Men... 16-days left until we RAISE the price of our YouTube Ads Agency 'HYBRID' Offer. AND today...I have a NEW bonus to share with you that you'll get for signing up THIS month. Today, when you book a strategy call with us to sign up for 'HYBRID' offer... We'll also place a fully trained appointment setter in your business who will re-activate your OLD leads who didn't buy from you AND call all the NEW leads you get from your YouTube Ads!Which means not only will my team and I... ✅ We’ll write all your YouTube Ad scripts… ✅We’ll coach you on exactly how to RECORD those ads, even if all you have is an iPhone… ✅ We’ll edit those ads, staying truthful to your brand messaging and guidelines… ✅ We’ll launch your campaigns, and use our ‘Intent-Based Validation’ targeting to make sure we show your ads to the right people, at the right time, for the right price… ✅ We’ll help you Optimize, Broaden, and SCALE the ads yourself, OR with your team's help... 💰...We'll ALSO give you exclusive access to Cole Gordon's 7-Figure Selling Academy to have his team work with you to help you improve your sales conversion rates and get better at collecting more cash on each and every call... 💰...PLUS we'll also place a fully-trained appointment setter in your business to re-activate all your OLD leads who didn't buy and call all the new leads you get when your YouTube Ads are LIVE... So you have a proven, predictable, and most importantly, scalable YouTube Ads client acquisition system that can book up to 25 qualified sales calls on your calendar each and every week! But, maybe you're still asking yourself… WHY US? Well, here's just a few reasons… #1 - We’ve spent well over $60M in YouTube Ads in the last 3 & ½ years specifically for coaches, course creators, and info-marketers. #2 - We’ve scaled YouTube Ads for the BIGGEST brands and industry leaders in the entire space such as Cole Gordon, Patrick Bet-David, Bedros Keuilian, Jeremy Miner, Digital Marketer, Kajabi, and many many more…
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Ad Men Mastermind in Arizona (FULL RECAP VIDEO)
Hey Ad Men, I just published The Ad Men Mastermind Arizona recap video... We had Cole Gordon, David Draey, and Clark Kegley all as guest speakers for this event... And we had 15 people fly from across the world to be here for this! So in case you couldn't make it, here's what you missed: Click here to watch the full recap video. Also, in this video, I announce the next mastermind happening later this year on October 11th-13th, 2024... Go watch. -Brian 'Arizona Replay' Moncada 🥂
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Ad Men Mastermind in Arizona (FULL RECAP VIDEO)
We just partnered with Cole Gordon & his team at to help YOU collect more cash while running paid ads!
Hey Ad Men, exciting news! We just partnered with Cole Gordon and his team at to help YOU close more deals and collect more cash while running paid ads! When you become a client of ours at, you'll also be getting exclusive access to Cole Gordon's 7-Figure Selling Academy where you can work with his team to review your sales calls, improve your sales ability, and collect more cash for your business from your paid ads! You see, over the last 6-months, we've been working on fine-tuning this 'HYBRID' offer and fixing all the potential "roadblocks" and "failure points" that YOU might run into when becoming a client inside this program... And one of the most common "failure points" has been the sales process. We help our clients create and run the ads to get the leads they need... but... sometimes, they have trouble closing. A lot of the time, they're not used to closing COLD traffic leads... Aka people that are potentially interested, but not very familiar with you, your brand, or your company yet... Which is a totally different skill than closing someone who's coming to speak with you from your organic or WARM traffic! Like someone from your YouTube audiences, your email list, or maybe word of mouth/ referrals... And having the ability to close COLD traffic leads, for example, from YouTube Ads... Is what separates MOST businesses from staying stuck at 6 OR 7-figures... to profitably scaling to 8-figures and beyond... Which is exactly why we've decided to TEAM up with the biggest and best Sales Coaching Company in the entire industry... To ensure you get the BEST results for your business possible! Now, that's the good news... The "BAD" news is... Well, we're going to be raising the price of this offer at the END of THIS month! Which means that if you've been on the fence of working with us and having us help you get your YouTube Ads setup and running to start scaling your course, coaching, or high-ticket service based business...
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We just partnered with Cole Gordon & his team at to help YOU collect more cash while running paid ads!
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