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YT Ads Expert? Answer my Qs and get PAID 💰
If someone can help me configure my YouTube Ads campaign properly and sort out the YouTube Hosted tracking then I'll happily pay you for your time... I'm running TOF ads with a CTA telling X avatar to subscribe to get desired outcome for free. So the goal is obviously to get as many qualified subscriber as possible, who will then convert through my organic content. My questions are: 1. What type of campaign is best for this? 2. Why is my campaign not tracking "Earned subscribers" or conversions (currently having to track it through YouTube studio) 3. If the campaign goal is "Engagements (YouTube Hosted)" then shouldn't the conversions update when I get a new subscriber for the ad? Where am I going wrong lol? Current campaign settings are as follows (has been going pretty well, but isn't tracking): Campaign subtype: Drive conversions Marketing Objective: Leads Bid Strategy: Maximise conversions Goals: Engagements (YouTube Hosted) Lmk 🫡
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This campaign isn’t going to be worth your effort and energy. The cost per subscriber will be way higher than you’d like to pay I’d imagine, and ultimately isn’t the most effective way to run YouTube ads for conversions anyways. Even with the goal of subscribers, we’ve found running direct to conversion ads for leads is far superior and ultimately leads to more subscribers as a result. But of course you can still test this if you’d like. We have, and we haven’t found it worth running for our clients or even our agency with our own youtube ads.
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Hi, Is it possible to get 5 likes so i can level up to actually chat with somebody? Thanks!
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You gotta earn it my man! Intro yourself, post something valuable. Comment something valuable. Give to get.
Exciting News - You Can Now Purchase The FULL YouTube Ads Accelerator Course for only $1,997
Hey future Ad Men, exciting news! We've now made our FULL YouTube Ads Accelerator course available for purchase inside this community! A lot of you have been asking questions related to setting up your ads, conversion tracking, campaigns, and also launching, optimize, and scaling... And now you can purchase the entire course which includes: - Account Setup - Launching - Optimizing - Scaling - MORE Account Audits - BONUS - For Agency Owners (How to sell YT Ads as a service + get clients as an agency) - PLUS a bunch of amazing bonuses for you to scale your info-biz to 7-figures+ using YouTube Ads Watch this video for more info: And if you wanna get the course, just DM me with the word "course" and I'll send you a message asking for your best email so that we can send the stripe invoice to you to pay and get access immediately! Cheers 🥂
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@Mitch Cleary HYROS does a pretty good job of that already in their tutorials and guides on their resources doc. We touch on it a bit in tracking, but not super super in depth. As long as it's integrated to everything in your business, you'll be golden!
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@Michael O'Pray Invoice sent!
🌟🎉 Welcome Wednesday! 🎉🌟
Hey everyone! Let's give a warm welcome to all the new Ad Men who have joined our community this week! @Javier Vilchez @Haris Asim @Max Gutierrez @Ahmed Naga @Hasnain Sajjad @A Mueed Qazi @Marquel Russell @Adex Berry @Valentina Mateus @Jennifer Lopez @Andres Hinostroza @Chance Ocean @Arman Shahariar Khan @Daniel Mizrahi @Katie Brown @David Tegenmark @Chen Yen @Marcus Krause @Kai Truong @Daniel Rumenov @Deyan Babic @Georgios Petridis @Jacob Barhydt @Padraig Jordan @Christian E @Jace Williams @Hriday Chawla We're thrilled to have each and every one of you here! If you haven’t yet, make sure to introduce yourself and check out our free YouTube Ads mini-course inside of the Classroom! Have an amazing Wednesday 😀 -Jennipher
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Welcome in 🥂
Marten... an ad man?
Hey guys! My name is Marten and I am an IT engineer, soccer coach and wellness coach. I love the idea of creating effective ads but, like many others, I do have my concerns. Hopefully this community can help me overcome those concerns and become... an ad man 😇
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What concerns do you have exactly?
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@Marten Gehman yeah like Brayan said, risk is apart of life. Advertising is a scientific method. Seems and data are two different things. Let’s not make business decisions based on feel. I’d encourage you to stick around this community and see just how well everyone is doing running ads for their businesses
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