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Enhanced conversions issue (in-page code)
I have attempted many tutorials on how to set up the in-page code enhanced conversions properly and none of them have made it so that Google Ads starts saying that enhanced conversions are set up properly with in page code. My enhanced conversions are active because I believe I have them set up properly for automatic detection, though. Does anyone have a tutorial or advice on how I can implement in-page code setup for them? Thank you so much! (Attached is a screenshot of the conversion diagnostics and I am using Click Funnels if that makes a difference.)
YouTube Ads (Avoid Junk Traffic) - NEW Feature
Hey Ad Men, Recently our agency were successfully whitelisted for a new feature that allows you to only show your YouTube Ads, on YouTube. As we all know, after keyword targeting went away early last year, YouTube Ads and lead quality has been a big topic of discussion... So, to help you combat this, I'd recommend you reach out to your Google rep, and ask them to be whitelisted to this feature too. In the screenshot attached, you'll see that you can 'Uncheck' the box: "Video Partners on the Google Display Network" Now, this doesn't mean that your YouTube Ads will go back to 'in-stream' only... But it does mean that your YouTube Ads will ONLY show on YouTube's platform. Anyways, worth doing regardless... especially if you've been experiencing lead quality issues. Hope this helps! -Brian 'whitelisted' Moncada
New comment Mar 17
0 likes • Mar 16
@Simon McFadyen hey, when you implemented this, did your ads run and your campaign spend? When I create new campaigns with this exclusion they are not running. (I think it's because of this exclusion, but I'm not 100% sure.) When I turned on optimized targeting on the campaign, they did run, because I think that overrides the exclusion. Any ideas?
0 likes • Mar 17
@Simon McFadyen do you have any idea why my newly created campaigns aren't spending although they have large audiences, approved ads, are eligible, etc.? Then like I said, when I switch those campaigns to optimized conversions they run, but otherwise they do not and stay stuck in "learning".
Duplicated campaign with new audience will not spend...
I have had one YouTube ads campaign running for over a month and I wanted to duplicate it and use another audience in the new campaign, but keep everything else the same, but the new campaigns with the new audiences will not spend, even though the audiences are approved, the ads are eligible, and Google ads says it's in the learning phase. I have left the new campaigns running for days and it will not spend, but my original campaign is still spending fine... does anyone know what's going on here?
New comment Mar 16
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@Brian Moncada yeah, it's been on max conversions all along. Okay, thanks.
0 likes • Mar 16
@Brian Moncada I found out that if I change the campaigns that weren't running to Optimized Conversions they started to run and spend... does this tell you anything about what may be going on here?
Reason for VCR to tank?
Last month my VCR was 14% and this month so far it is 2%; I am still getting leads for about the same price, between $13 and $15. (My cost per booked call last month was $120, now it is $600+.) Nothing in my funnel or campaign has changed, besides for me adding another ad with some headline tweaks to see if it performs better than the others that are proven... (same YT video in ad as the others) what could be the reason why my VCR dropped so drastically? I do have the "booked call" and "optin" conversion set for my desired conversions... did it maybe just send all of the initial traffic to this funnel that would best convert to a booked call? Thanks! @Brian Moncada
Bogus clicks from Ad Display Network
We're getting a lot of bogus clicks from the ad display network. What's the best way to make sure our video ads only show on YouTube itself? I've added the to the Placement exclusion list. Is there a better way? [[ edit: I'd made a mistake. Now I added this url and also our campaigns right below it, then saved. Now it seems we've been Display network free for 3 days ]] Does it help anything to export the list from 'When and where ads were showed' and exclude the worst offenders in the Display network? This is a very manual process however.
New comment Feb 1
0 likes • Dec '23
@Jacob Murphy ah gotcha, thank you!
0 likes • Feb 1
@Uzair Farooqi and what is that? 😁 and what's the necessary budget?
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