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How accurate is Googles simulation
I have a pmax set to maximise conversion value, that is doing very well. Google reccomends I set it to target roas, and increase the budget from 600 a day to 1,000. They estimate the extra budget will get a 2x roas. The camapign is at least getting 1.5x roas right now. I am very skeptical when ad platforms want you to increase budget because they have every incentive to make it look like a good idea. Should I trust this?
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@Brian Moncada Would you reccomend this over just increasing the budget of the pmax as it is? It's at around 1.5x and has done well for the past few months.
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@Nolan Harper Thank you. My PMAX has continued to do very well, but only at $600 a day. It doesn't say limited by budget so I'm hesitent to scale. I'll slowly increase it and see what happens.
Bing/microsoft ads
Anyone used bing or Microsoft ads? Even just to retarget or target warm keywords, and search terms? I put it on my to do list but wanted to get some feedback before going through the whole process of setting it up and setting up the tracking.
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@Brian Moncada No. I'm at over 1k a day with good roas so I'm willing to scale more on YouTube. I was just looking to see if there's easy roas with minimal effort on other platforms, and making sure I get all warm traffic I can.
Revealing my agency's best kept secrets on YouTube Ads (new video)
Today I'm going to reveal ALL our agency's YouTube Ads sauce to you, for free...🥫 In this video, I'm going to show you: Here's How To Find & Create An Infinite # of High-ROI Audiences, Hooks, and Ad Ideas for YouTube Ads It's called "Fractal Targeting"... And until today, I've kept it a secret for my private clients... Click here to watch the video. -Brian 'goated with the sauce' Moncada 👨🏻‍🍳
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Loved the video. How would you reccomend testing the new audiences? Adding them into new ad groups in existing campaigns? Launching a new campaign with all those new audiences in separate ad groups?
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@Brian Moncada
Running 2 front ends at the same time
Does anyone reccomend or suggest again running ads to 2 offers at the same time? I have one that is doing well, and I have another which has worked well to warm audiences, and has good ads. I've just been hesitent to launch because I don't want to distract from my main offer.
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Would love your input @Brian Moncada
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@Matt Penas No the main offer is doing well. This other offer I have is a bit of a different marketing angle which has done well with warm audiences. I'm too scared to impact the performance of my main winning offer aha.
PMAX affecting other campaigns
I've heard launching a PMAX can take traffic and results away from other campaigns. Is this true? I've noticed since I launched my PMAX, it's doing well, but previous winning video campaigns have been struggling. Is this because of the PMAX, or just those video campaigns not doing well?
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