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I got this from the Discord app, and this may be the best prompt I've seen so far. It asks ChatGPT to revise the prompt you want to get the best possible answer. It's gonna blow your mind! Copy and paste or type this in: I want you to become my Prompt Creator. Your goal is to help me craft the best possible prompt for my needs. The prompt will be used by you, ChatGPT. You will follow the following process: 1. Your first response will be to ask me what the prompt should be about. I will provide my answer, but we will need to improve it through continual iterations by going through the next steps. 2. Based on my input, you will generate 3 sections. a) Revised prompt (provide your rewritten prompt. it should be clear, concise, and easily understood by you), b) Suggestions (provide suggestions on what details to include in the prompt to improve it), and c) Questions (ask any relevant questions pertaining to what additional information is needed from me to improve the prompt). 3. We will continue this iterative process with me providing additional information to you and you updating the prompt in the Revised prompt section until it's complete. Keep revising until you're happy with it, then simply copy and paste the revised prompt into a new chat. Watch the magic! You'll have some fun with this one. 😉
Jb Benton
Carrie Sullivan
Jay Santana
Vivek Kumar Govila
Steve Chambers
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    Finally able to test this, and very nice! Works really great, thank you!
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    @Damien Lemerle These are really interesting, I have been trying to improve image prompts and now I understand how far I was short. Thank you
SEOdity vs Ubersuggest, which is better for finding keywords?
I noticed that Seodity is no longer offering the lifetime deal. You have to pay $35/per month. On the other hand, Neil Patel's Ubersuggest has a lifetime deal for $290. What are your thoughts on the pros and cons of each?
Loni Brown
Morgan Sutherland
Zac Smith
Dennis C
Steven Suchar
New comment 20d ago
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    I too use Ubersuggest with lifetime and have just started seeing posts ranking on Google. That said, I am not very good at such things, so I know if I were better I would get better results. I have been using the combination for about 5 weeks.
  • 2 likes • Apr 1
    @Morgan Sutherland I really like the approach overall, and the have a ton of good training. I can't say it is better or not, but it is a good product.
Selling AI Services To Business Is a Goldmine💰
I've never seen something sell so easily. I've been selling my AI stuff for $3,300 + $500 per month to home services businesses. I just quoted $5,800 today and he wasn't thrown off by the price at all. He didn't buy yet, so we'll see, but I think he'll go for it. Exciting times ahead 🚀💰
Jason West
Matt C. Milne
Cody Kline
Breyon Bradford
Sid Rouhani
New comment Oct 2
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    Really interesting, thank you for sharing.
🔥 FastBots Is Live! AI Powered ChatBots Trained on Your Data 💿
I'm thrilled to announce that I have acquired an AI Chatbot platform and rebranded it after consulting with this very community 🙏 I think you already know about my great passion for AI, software and Chat GPT, and I think ChatBots are one of the best uses of this technology right now for business owners. Very soon I am planning to launch a program to help people sell ChatBots to businesses, so now that I own a platform, it makes it a lot easier to create an awesome product and offer. I have already taken on a dev team that has started on a long list of dream feature updates, but as of right now, you can use it to quickly benefit from AI-powered ChatBots trained on your Website, PDFs or Text documents. It takes less than 5 minutes to set one up 🥳 Going forward, it goes without saying I won't be promoting any of my competitors and now my team are set to work to create the very best platform 🚀 I won't be doing any lifetime deals as I already have paid subscribers using the platform, but I can promise you a super reliable, powerful chatbot solution at a very competitive price. 🔥 Go ahead and try it now for free 🔥 Let me know if you have any questions below and I'd like to thank the community for your assistance with the domain name selection 🙌
Tim Garner
Jason West
Iftikhar Anjum
Jay Mistry
Erwin Blom
New comment Sep 25
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    @John Santos I did this from the start, my bot is named Alexandra AI. What I a referring to is being able to add and change the name like this. Thank you for reaching out, and AI is a lot of fun.
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    @Jason West I mean a name here So that those that interact see a name.
Huge List of ChatGPT Prompts for Bloggers / Marketers
Thanks for the inspiration everyone. This is what I have been working on for the last week or so. Click on any link to visit the prompt and try it out. Please give me feedback if you would I appreciate it. Table of Contents - 1. Use ChatGPT to Help You Brainstorm Your Next Blog Post - 2. Use ChatGPT to Create a Reader Avatar (Get In Their Headspace) - 3. Use ChatGPT to Help you With Article Titles - 4. Use ChatGPT to Write an Introduction With a Hook - 5. Use ChatGPT to Create a Snippet to Try to Get to the Top of Google - 6. Use ChatGPT to Create an Outline for a Blog Article - 7. Use ChatGPT to Write a Blog Article - 8. Use ChatGPT To Edit An Article - 9. Create Blog Tags Using ChatGPT for Your Post - 10. Create Twitter Tweets and Pictures to Promote Your Post - 11. Create Instagram Posts and Pictures to Promote your Blog Post - 12. Create A Content Cluster Using ChatGPT - 13. Use an Existing List Article and ChatGPT to Create a Content Cluster - 14. Have ChatGPT Create Call To Action Text For A Newsletter Sign Up - 15. Have ChatGPT Suggest a Bribe (Lead Magnet) to Get People on a Mailing List - 16. Have ChatGPT Suggest an Auto Responder Sequence - 17. Have ChatGPT write the emails in your Email Autoresponder - 18. Have ChatGPT Create a Reddit Viral Marketing Plan - 19. Have ChatGPT Suggest a Viral Title For a Reddit Post - 20. Have ChatGPT Suggest Reddit Viral Post Content
Kristian Grigorov
Gregory Levine
Donald Maycott
Julie Helmer
Steven Suchar
New comment Sep 25
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    Thanks @Chris Chenault there are a few gems here!
🔥 Affiliate Program is Live! 🔥
After many requests, we've just launched an Affiliate Program for our AI ChatBot service at! 🤖 Here's the deal: You can earn a 20% commission on all payments within the first 12 months, and we're offering a 60-day cookie time too. This is an extremely hot product niche at the moment and now is the time to cash in. 💰 Why join? Well, if you love our AI chatbot service as much as we do, why not get rewarded for sharing it with others? It's a win-win! 🙌 Ready to start earning? Click the link below to join our Affiliate Program today! 🚀 👉 Join the Affiliate Program 👈 Jason
Frank Hermsen
Ilia Kamyshko
Eduardo Hernandez
Nagesh Setty Ks
Elizabeth Sainez
New comment Sep 22
Chat GPT to Word
When I copy and paste from Chat GPT to Microsoft Word it comes into Word with a very light grey background behind the text. How do I either stop that.. or change it once in Word to have a white background? TIA
Armand Dupuis
John Brett
Bruce Bayley
Gregor Amon
Vic Mon
New comment Sep 16
  • 1 like • Aug 26
    You can also right-click where you want to paste and say paste and match style and that will match the style of the doc you are in.
  • 1 like • Aug 26
    @Tom Murphy Most welcome, so many things to learn ... Chat just helps move a little faster. Update - Import YouTube Videos Into Your AI ChatBots 📺
Hi everyone. As promised, we started making a ton of updates to and one of the first ones the team has made is the ability to import YouTube videos into your AI powered chatbot! 📺 + 🤖 = 🥳 I think this opens up a world of possibilities to rapidly put together a really useful AI Chatbot using either your own, or other people's Videos 🙌 Feel free to try it out yourself at
Julie Helmer
Ingrid Edisen
Nagesh Setty Ks
Jason West
Greg Mangano
New comment Sep 10
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    I love this! Bot is 1000 times better because I have been able to my training courses to the bot easily as well as tip and techniques from the greatest minds in sales, real estate, marketing, social media. If you want to try my bot out, visit and ask it something. Maybe about my company, maybe 5 tricks to grow your brand!
  • 2 likes • Sep 6
    @Greg Mangano Works like a champ, we added about 80 videos yesterday. All of our training and sales videos and then some of the greatest hits by Alex H, Grant C, Tony R ...
Aug 31 
Using Chat GPT to create a prompt after tweaking it...
This may be standard knowledge, but I want to share it if it's not. I have started having Chat write a prompt at the end of the conversation that uses all the inputs and changes made during that chat. This works great because all that work, perfecting a prompt for the time, can be maintained as Chat needs it. My staff creates many short-form videos on many topics since we use AI to generate the videos. Each time, we get a little better, and this way, we don't have to add anything from the previous; we just get an updated prompt.
Jeff Johnson
Ray Makara
Dierk Söllner
Nagesh Setty Ks
New comment Sep 3
Anybody using Fastbots.AI to build their Chatbot?
One of my fellow members in (also on Skool) has built his original website Customer Service chatbot on "" but has recently been testing out the (seemingly faster/easier) Has anyone else been using If so, what do you like about it?
John P
Jet Cruz
John Santos
Zac Smith
Tristian Pitogo
New comment Aug 30
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    @Garrett LaBorde I switched the first day to Fastbots from Botneo. Botneo offers a few more features, but the complications in training and access are overwhelming to the side of Fastbots. One thing I love!! The ability to have a URL for my chatbot, so I have included that in the support section of my email newsletter. Usage is up, and email for standard information is down. There are a couple of things I would love to have Fastbots add: one being a monthly chat-generated summary and the ability to have it review itself and be critical, offering ways to improve. Overall, I am VERY happy with Fastbots.
I love AI talking about AI ... AI short video about
I use a tool to make AI generated shorts for Tiktok and other platforms. Just curious, I promoted to create a video about 3 reasons to use Here is the result. I have posted the link to get Shine Ranker, it is my affiliate but you can just visit the main page too ...
Jason West
New comment Aug 27
Can you delete chatbots previous info completely Or need to retrain?
I previously trained bot to act a bit sexy. Only in learning prompt writing. Well now I'm trying to set up in more serious discussions. And the bot Talking sexy to consumers ! 😳 NO !! My guess is I'll have to train bot to act more business like. Right? So... Will the command that I said to ack sexy goose away, Get over written or is still somewhere in a database? Just curious.
Mike Smith
John Santos
Zac Smith
New comment Aug 26
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    This reminds me of other experiences with AI that were not quite expected, lol.
Where are You, in This World?
Hello to all! Just wondering if Chat GPT is widely used, Would love to know what part of the World you are in…I’m USA, Near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 🙂
Jason West
Eileen Galbraith
Hubert Daul
Jorgen Thorlund
Muhammad Akram
New comment Aug 14
AI Writing Tools Obsolete After Chat GPT?
Now that we have Chat GPT, are writing tools such as Jarvis/Jasper etc. obsolete? Or is there still a use case for them?
Birgitta Granstrom
Sid Rouhani
Vito Santoro
Con Sotidis
Harold Pierre
New comment Aug 9
  • 4 likes • Mar 29
    Like @Jb Benton I have several lifetime subs, and used Jasper for a long time. I did not renew Jasper, as I found it to be more work overall that Chat and I feel Chat is a better result. That said, Jasper has some nice prompts that work wonders in Chat. I don't think they will disappear, but I feel that will have to UP their game because they are falling short in most instances, I feel.
  • 1 like • Mar 29
    @Jb Benton Agreed, and great pricing for early adopters, but for most users it is expensive to get decent functionality and I don't mind not paying it for sure! lol
ChatGPT Can Help You Find Your Perfect Customer 🪄
📣 Hey everyone! I'm excited to share with you my new video tutorial that shows you how to find your perfect target audience and buyer persona using Chat GPT! 🚀 Are you struggling to identify your ideal customers and create personalized marketing strategies that resonate with them? 😩 My video tutorial has got you covered! In this tutorial, I'll show you step-by-step how to use Chat GPT to discover your ideal customers, understand their needs and preferences, and create highly-targeted marketing messages that convert. 🤑🎯 Don't miss out on this opportunity to take your business to the next level! Check out my video now and learn how to leverage the power of Chat GPT to supercharge your marketing efforts. 👀
Marcelo Leite
Daniel Buck
Mark Koelbl
Javed Jorge
Herman Drost
New comment Jul 15
  • 3 likes • Mar 14
    This is great and using GPT this way has really helped me. I am a technical guy and honestly, don't like this part of business so I have neglected it. GPT has improved my game!!
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