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Anyone in here a youtube ads agency?
Looking to connect with some fellow agency owners who run youtube ads. Its not a service we run right now but more and more clients have been asking for it.
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New comment Jan 27
1 like • Jan 23
@Jamie Ogilvy What help do you require with YT ads? Also, is there any specific niche they've been asking?
Adding sitelinks changed my targeting?
I was running a campaign of 4 different ad angles, then I duplicated the ad group within the campaign (after finding the winning ad angle), but I also added sitelinks to that new ad group to test what it would do. In the original campaign I had ages set to 45 to 64 and with optimization turned off and everything was running fine, but in the new ad group it spent all of my daily budget immediately and also showed the ad to all age ranges, even though optimization is turned off. It seems the only change with the new ad group is that I added sitelinks, which I haven't been using prior. Does anyone know why it would change my targeting even with optimization still off, and why it (within 15 minutes of creating the new ad group) would spend over my daily budget on the new ad group with the sitelinks? @Brian Moncada @Israel Fernandez
New comment Jan 4
2 likes • Jan 3
@David Weber Sitelinks doesn't change the targeting. Might be when you duplicated the ad group you skipped to exclude the non-relevant age group, please exclude the age groups and your ad group will stop spending on unnecessary audience. I would suggest rechecking all the other setting as well. Like; Landing page, audience etc. Have you excluded the age group from your new ad group?
Ads not spending money <help>
Help! My ads have been live now for 24 hours and are not spending money. Everything looks good though. Any thoughts on what went wrong?
New comment Jan 3
0 likes • Jan 3
@Travis Weathers Sometimes this happens, Quick solutions: 1. Duplicate the campaign and turn off the current campaign. It will start getting the reach and impression, hence will start spending 2. Recheck your audience size. Might be its too low to start the campaign 3. Talk to FB representative for assistance and explain them What is your niche?
Need Help: Google Ads Showing to the Wrong Audience
Hi everyone, I'm in a bit of a bind with my Google Ads campaign and could really use some advice. I recently set up an ad campaign, which is all about women dating, and I made sure to target it specifically at women. However, after just two days of running the ads, I noticed something odd in my analytics - my ads were being shown to males as well (50%). I’m puzzled because I was very careful with the settings, choosing the gender and age group that align with my desired audience. I've always thought Google Ads were pretty reliable with targeting, but this has thrown me off. Has anyone else experienced something similar? Could there be a setting I might have missed or is it an issue on Google Ads' end? Any insights or suggestions on how to fix this would be hugely appreciated. I had to pause the campaign because of this and I’m keen to get it back up and running correctly. Thanks in advance for any help!
New comment Dec '23
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@Stefan Savic Ensuring your Google Ads campaign settings are configured correctly is important. Double-check your audience targeting settings, ensuring you select the right gender and exclusions. Additionally, review any demographic targeting options to refine your audience. 🎯🔍 I'm curious to know how much budget you have allocated for the ads.
Bogus clicks from Ad Display Network
We're getting a lot of bogus clicks from the ad display network. What's the best way to make sure our video ads only show on YouTube itself? I've added the to the Placement exclusion list. Is there a better way? [[ edit: I'd made a mistake. Now I added this url and also our campaigns right below it, then saved. Now it seems we've been Display network free for 3 days ]] Does it help anything to export the list from 'When and where ads were showed' and exclude the worst offenders in the Display network? This is a very manual process however.
New comment 25d ago
0 likes • Dec '23
@Jacob Murphy Yes, It is the right way by adding to the Placement exclusion list. This helps you to prevent your ads from appearing on websites outside of YouTube. Please keep excluding irrelevant placements from your campaigns. You can select specific videos and channels where you want to show your ads. You can also narrow your ads by adding relevant topics and keywords targeting. Curios to know what is the objective of your ads?
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