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Favorite platform
What is your favorite go to platform you use the most when working? So we can all know which one is the best
New comment 11h ago
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I used LinkedIn
🎉👋 Welcome to Our Community! 👋🎉
A warm embrace to all our new members recently! It's fantastic to have such a diverse and talented group joining us. Let's take a moment to acknowledge each of you: @Robin Haque: Your impressive range of skills in graphic design, web design, SEM, video editing, and self-publishing is truly inspiring! We can't wait to see what you create and share with the community. Our newest client onboarded today: @Gillian Andale: With 40 years of experience in business transformation, your insights on project and change management will be invaluable to our members. @Domenico Bisceglia: Your knowledge of AI marketing and social media growth is a fantastic addition to our community. @Ruth Postins: Your experience as a Business Development Manager brings invaluable insights to our community. We're excited to see where your new ventures take you. @Paul Bolton: Delighted to have you on board! With your impressive background in General Management and Go-to-Market Strategy, we're eager to learn from your expertise. Welcome, @Margareta Digore! Your passion for digital marketing and brand partnerships is inspiring. We look forward to seeing your creativity unfold within our community. Thrilled to welcome you, @Mateus Machado! Your expertise as a Product Manager and Software Engineer is sure to enrich our discussions and projects. Hello, @Keith Mazur! As a Real Estate Broker with a focus on sales and marketing, your insights will be invaluable to our community. Welcome @Idorenyin Nyong! Your skills as a Virtual Assistant, writer, and Data Analyst add a unique perspective to our community. Hi @Ester Moya, It's fantastic to have you here, Ester! Your experience in medical device marketing and social media strategies will surely spark insightful conversations do DM me to explore how I can best serve you!
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@Gillian Andale You welcome
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@Ganesh Makam You welcome
Q2 WK 4 Lead Generation Masterclass Series
Hey everyone! Happy Friday! I'm excited to announce our next master class event speaker: Richard Woods, @Richard Woods the Million Dollar Sprint Coach! Buckle up and get ready to learn and discover how to manage your time effectively, enabling more opportunities for growth and less time on administrative tasks. 🗓 Date & Time: Tuesday 7h May: Your seat is reserved for 2 pm (London/GMT) Meeting Link below...👇 Don't miss this opportunity to take control of your time and unlock your full potential as a consultant!
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@Alex Smith
🌟 A Warm Welcome to Our Newest Leadeth Skool Members! 🌟
As our Leadeth Skool community continues to grow and flourish, it brings us immense joy to extend a heartfelt welcome to our newest members. Your presence enriches us all, and we proudly stand strong at 208 members! Meet Our Newest Members: @Chris Fox - A visionary in business strategy, Chris founded A thinker and doer. @Rachel Bee - Specialising in Communication and Leadership, Rachel is a Workplace Relationship Coach with a knack for nurturing professional relationships, and we're thrilled to have her expertise among us. @Joanna Howes - An award-winning leadership coach and the founder of The Change Creators, Joanna brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in coaching and consultancy. @Adam Kopacsy - With a delightful sense of humour and a passion for marketing, Adam from Sydney, Australia, aims to make a mark in the marketing world. He joined us on March 5th, and we're excited for the energy he brings. @Mark Young - An AI-powered digital Marketer and coach, who is on a mission to revolutionise digital marketing. With bases in Vilnius and London, Mark is ready to share his innovative insights. @Henry Stewart - Embracing the title of Chief Happiness Officer, Henry is here to spread joy and positivity. @Daniel Charles - A tech enthusiast and devoted father of two, Daniel is the mind behind He brings a fresh perspective on technology and family life. @Julia Pizzichemi - Founder of Team Clinic Services, Julia is dedicated to enhancing health performance coaching for executives and entrepreneurs. Your diverse backgrounds, skills, and passions make our community a richer place for learning, sharing, and growing together. We're excited to see how your contributions will shape our journey ahead. Feel free to dive into discussions, share your insights, and connect with fellow members.
New comment Mar 22
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Welcome everyone to this great community
Introducing Dark Mode 🕶️
Now you can use skool in dark mode on your computer and phone. Turn it on/off in your settings. It's not as polished as light mode, that's why it's called "Dark mode (beta)". Enjoy 🎉🎉
New comment Mar 11
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@Alex Smith
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@Alex Smith Oh, that is nice
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