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Exciting Updates on New Products and Launch Plans! 😃
Hey there! I wanted to fill you in on the exciting project I'm working on. I'm creating a new business and product that you can start selling right away. It's launching in May, and between now and then, you can join at a discounted price. In this video, I'll show you what the course looks like and give you a sneak peek of the content. I'll also share the schedule of live sessions and the different programs we'll be offering. Don't miss out on this opportunity to learn how to make recurring income online and start selling profitable courses, memberships, or profit loops. Action requested: Watch the video to get all the details! Use the comments for questions :-) Excited to watch every grow! -Mike
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Great googily moogily! This is so freaking awesome! I am building funnels all week and going for the lifetime baby!! This is exactly what I have been wanting Mike! Let the games begin!!
Can't Get Customers With Content or Going Live?
After years of failing with content marketing and spending $100k+ on training I discovered the following... Creating content or live-streaming you need to create with one of the 3 stages of the customer journey in mind first. No exception. You must move people through these stages. Below is an example of a content creation/live-streaming schedule 1. Awareness = Monday, Wednesday, Friday 2. Consideration = Tuesday, Thursday 3. Decision = Saturday, Sunday PLEASE ASK YOURSELF BEFORE YOU CREATE content or live-stream which stage you're going to be creating for. Below is a description of the mindset, style, and approach for content at each stage. This isn't a good idea, theory, or hack it's a core principle and must-do. Like wheels on the car need to be present for it to work... Creating with these stages in mind must be present or people won't convert! Period. Remember 9 out of 10 posts or lives you are painting the picture, casting the vision, and providing value with a clear understanding of "because you gave me this value...what can I do now?" Pretend after everything you say they are saying... "And your point is?" "And why should I care?" "And what's in it for me?" "And how long does this take?" I promise if you get your head around this an make sure it's present BEFORE you create any content you'll convert so many more people to your list and into paying customers. People will be like damn I love your content... IT MAKES SENSE!! Here's those stages and styles: 🟥 Awareness Stage - Educational Videos and Posts: Create short, engaging videos or graphical posts that introduce common issues or topics relevant to your audience, aiming to educate without overtly selling. For example, quick tips, myth busters, or "Did You Know?" snippets that relate to your industry. - Ask questions related to your audience's interests and challenges, encouraging interaction and subtly guiding them to recognize their needs. 🟩 Consideration Stage - Comparison Content: Share content that compares different approaches to solving common problems, subtly highlighting the benefits of your solution. Ensure these are visually appealing and easy to understand at a glance.
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I can see it so clearly now!
Content Marketing Nightmares: What NOT To Do!
If you learn anything about content make sure it's this. Messing this up cost me a ton of time and money over the years!! Let me know in the comments if you are doing this before you watched this video.
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That is so so so valuable! Thanks Mike! You just got me unstuck or from Red to Green!
Interviewing Students in your Skool
Are any of you interviewing students in your Skool? I have a student in Italy who is doing Kindle Publishing. He started with his brother and now he is working on his own stuff. I was wondering if anyone with maybe podcast experience has any recommendations on a format I could follow for the interview.
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@Jenna Ostrye Thanks Jenna!
Mar 12 
Together We Achieve - Thank you, Mike!
Big personal win alert! 🌟 Thanks to @Mike Gowans from Make Once Pro and @Scott Weller from Monetized Life for connecting @Eric Howell and I, because together we've turned one of my biggest bucket list dreams into reality. 'A Look Into Leadership' podcast went from concept to live in just 10 days! (Btw Eric is the go-to man for all things Podcast. He makes it simple.) This journey has truly highlighted the power of collaboration from connecting with others within this group and doing what Mike says to do! Plus the incredible things that can happen when you have the right team around you. Working on this podcast as part of our Skool projects has been a remarkable experience. Just for clarity, in my Skool, you'll find me as Quinn, diving into the world of Faceless (& Nameless) Content Creation, leveraging the insights gained from Mike’s guidance. If you want to listen to the first episode it is currently live on select platforms, and it will be available across all your favorite podcast platforms soon. Spotify : iHeart:
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I will tune in as well! Great job!
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