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Welcome - Introduce Yourself
Don't forget to introduce yourself to the group and let me know what you are looking forward most to learning. Also feel free to drop any specific questions here. Welcome to Packaging your Knowledge Once and Selling it Forever - Let's Grow 😁🚀💰
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Not an April Fool's Joke
I don't know how long this offer will last but I want everyone who want the help to grow their own learning community to be able to afford it. Check out this fantastic discount on my private access group PackageSell Select.
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Thanks for the Clarity Call
I wanted to thank Chuck for our 1 on 1 clarity call the other day. It was very enlighten and it definitely help me see the bigger picture with having a community. Chuck is very insightful and don't mind sharing his time and knowledge.
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So the steps to starting a skool program?
So, first, I open a community? Its $100. Start sharing on my live about it? Bring people in and when and where do I start offering the fee to join the paying group? I want to start asap doing this. Is it all in your videos? Thanks!!
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Content creating- since Monday's call. I have been playing with two different types of content. One has 3 per day and one has 1 per day. It's a lot of images because I can't figure out how to extract the chart from chatgpt. Ideas on which one I should try first? I'm okay with batching a week at a time to make it easier if I'm not editing the videos but keeping them pretty raw (minus adding caption). Thanks @Chuck Ellis and community for feedback and thoughts. I'll add images to the post.
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The goal is to show you how to digitize and sell your existing advice and expertise to give you more financial, time and location flexibility.
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