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Celebrating a SMALL Win
We started our YouTube channel with 0 subscribers and 0 videos. Posted our first video 11 days ago and first short 9 days ago and we hit 20 subscribers overnight. It’s small milestone, but it’s an exciting milestone that I wanted to share! #celebrateALLwins We are also posting on TikTok and IG, but those platforms are growing slower than YT! Have a great day everyone! 🤙 😃
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🏆 ⭐️ 💪 800 MEMBERS WHATTTTT!!! LFG!! You Rock
Thanks for being so awesome and being a great community asset. Let's all work together and make 2024 our best year yet! What's the goal you KNOW you will reach this year? Light up the comments!! Can we hit 900 by the end of May?
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Three Simple Principles I've learned thus far...
- Gently built awareness helps viewers feel included in what they learn - Simple processes in sets of 3-5 units tend to sell better than complicated ones - The congruence and authenticity of your message seem to far outweigh the appearance of the package it comes in
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Another Lifetime Member
That makes 18 Lifetime members and 16 MRR Members in my Paid group. This one emailed me and asked if the offer was still available form a video like 6 weeks ago. Of Course I said YES and He just paid $597 Leeeeettttt's GO
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Sam Ovens 👍 my post
Not sure if this is normal, but I’m kinda geeking out that Sam Ovens, founder of Skool, actually liked my post. Pretty cool beans if you ask me!!
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