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How to Create a Successful Lead Magnet That Will Convert
In this video, I discuss the key steps to creating a successful lead magnet. I explain the importance of understanding the behind-the-scenes process and how it can impact your lead generation. I also share my favorite type of lead magnet and how it helps to build a connection with your audience. Throughout the video, I provide valuable insights and actionable advice to help you attract and convert leads. Don't miss out on this opportunity to enhance your lead generation strategy! I'll see you inside the video, -Mike PS: I've got another video coming soon where I show you how to build a full online course in just 3 days or basically a long weekend. Let me know in the comments if you'd be interested in something like that. When I say created I mean all the slides, info, and published ready-to-sell course. A course that can change the financial course of your life. 🤙
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@Sabrina Gordon :-) glad it was helpful. Check this out >
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@Sabrina Gordon Miro
ChatGPT-4o: Build Your Online Business in a Weekend
Check this out I talk to the wizard and show you how it built my course instantly. Let me know what you think of this and if you want to learn more about it?
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🔥 WAIT!!! WHAT!? For Real... 🤯
I don't know how long it's going to last but if you're in the US you can also do Klarna and make payments on this insane offer as well. But I'm not sure how long I will allow this to be available so if you're on the fence this is where you hop off. 💪🔥🤙 -Mike PS: It's because I like you and want you to win!! :-) I love this video too!
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@Heather Shaw congrats. Congrats I just shot you a video over to your email and the invite link into the pro. Let’s make it happen.
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@Heather Shaw
Mike’s Fake
Was that a good hook 🪝 ? Just playing with 🪝 , @Mike Gowans is legit and I’m learning a ton. However, I have had growing on social media on the 🧠 , so I couldn’t resist trying a fun 🪝. Questions for MIKE: 1. Mike did you know you had so many fake accounts? I guess that’s good that people are trying to knock you off? 2. Can I build a substantial MRR without massive success on social media?? Mike you have massive success and are killing it where it counts on Skool and your income. But in the nicest way possible, seems like you don’t have the infamous “viral” videos or insane amount of followers. So does that give us hope that we don’t need to go viral to build a Skool business? So again, I don’t want this to be coming off wrong, I’m super impressed with what you have built without millions of followers. Im hopeful this is true and that we don’t need millions of views and followers to create a meaningful MRR on Skool. Sorry that was so long, and again, Mike I mean this in the most flattering manner possible. Thanks so much for motivating me and creating such great content. Lee
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Why my daily LIVE youtube link not works?
Hi champions, i tried last 2 times to come in the Youtube Daily Live through the Link from the calendar and i always just come in the YT Channel for MAKEONCE! Why i can't join the Live?
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I have to be live in order for you to join me live. If was today it's because I was dealing with the incident I mentioned in the pro community :-)
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