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Free GPT - Wordpress Plugin Builder! 👷
I've been playing around with the new GPT builder and just created a GPT to help you create your own Wordpress Plugins! I have tried it out myself and just created my own Wordpress plugin for saving me at least $1000 in development costs. 🥳 As a thank you for being part of this amazing community, I'd like to give you all access. 👉 TRY THE GPT WORDPRESS PLUGIN BUILDER After you've built your own plugin, it will also help you list it in the Wordpress plugin store too 😀 Enjoy! Jason PS: We have a dedicated category now in this community for GPTs and plugins. If you would like to offer this community free access to use your GPT, you can create a post and share them here! 🤩
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Thanks @Jason West I followed your instruction and built "Visual Planner Guide". You load any life coaching framework image into it (Ikigai, Law of Attraction, etc) , and it tells you how to use it as a life coach/ on yourself.
AIPRM "YOUR Life Plan" Prompt
I've just been learning AIPRM prompt engineering, and published this prompt today, appreciate your thoughts, and how it can be improved. It gives a Character Statement, Personal SWOT analysis, Purpose Statement, and Daily Affirmations to achieve your favourite future.
New comment Sep '23
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I've updated it for impact and power. I've also done another one to create a lifetime cash flow forecast using Julius plugin. You must plan your life then put in place the financial architecture to support it. See SEC authorised first AI-financial adviser today! I'm enjoying this AI prompt engineering Jason!
Brainstorm with ChatGPT to Come Up with a Business Offer?
Let's say I want to start a business, but I have no idea what the business will be. What's the best way to prompt ChatGPT to ask me questions about my interests, personal frustrations, etc. to extract from me information that it could use to form customized business offer ideas for me?
New comment Aug '23
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Here's one I made. Feel free to use. It begins with your values, creates a vision of your favourite future, does a personal SWOT, then creates a business plan for the business of you, Basically it's an AI life planner. Let me know what you think.
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@Muhammad Akram thank you. I aim to develop it further so it provides a report at the end. It would be great if everyone could have a life plan. And I think AI now makes that possible. Thanks for the supportive comment.
Hang on to your seats, kids!
Ok, this is amazing. ChatGPT's new "Custom Instructions" Check out his Twitter link from Nick Dobos and see how it works. From the newsletter The Rundown AI: Details: - Allows you to insert two prompts of up to 1500 characters for ChatGPT to remember across conversations - Available in Beta for Plus users (everywhere except for the UK and EU) and ‘coming soon’ to free users - To enable, click the three dots under your ChatGPT history → Settings & Beta → Beta Features → Custom Instructions - Besides custom instructions, OpenAI has also increased GPT-4’s message cap from 25 to 50 every 3 hours Insane examples (within the past 12 hours): - Nick Dobos showed us how to recreate babyAGI - Roman Semenov jailbroke ChatGPT against previous instructions
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@Jason West Me neither. Must be US thing?
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