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Strategy uncovered: Design Sprints + VC = Magic!
Ever wondered what could happen if you bring together the inventors of the Design Sprint with successful VCs? I made a video to show you. First I interviewed the co-author of Sprint, John Zeraksky, then used that to uncover their strategy to change the game in the VC world. I first posted this over on the Inner Circle, but thought Facilitator Club would love this video - let me know what you think.
Paul Godines
Spencer Ayres
David Newman
New comment Aug 8
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@Paul Godines Thanks so much Paul. Really appreciate the comment and the support
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@David Newman Delighted it helped David.
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I have a video podcast about innovation, entrepreneurship, product & marketing - Just about to release the John Zeratsky one, which is awesome.
London Facilitator Meetup - Interest?
Hey, I'm keen to meet and chat with more facilitators in London. If I we're to arrange a location and post a Meet-Up for an evening in May, please let me know if you'd be interested? Please like to show interest. Location: Probably a central cafe (with alcoholic drinks).
Kerri Price
Lorne Mitchell
Trevor Wood
David Thomson
David Emmerson
New comment May 11
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I was thinking this too @David Emmerson , let me know if you'd like any help. Have you asked into the Workshop Master community, if not, perhaps I can help with that?
How to sell permanent facilitation services to companies?
Hello dear friends, I would like to know what strategy or arguments you use so that companies hire services from external facilitators on a permanent basis. And not only when the company detects a specific problem to solve. Thank you.
David Newman
David Finnegan
Sabrina Habib
Germán Suarez
Benedict Odjobo
New comment May 2
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It might be worth thinking about it from the perspective of a future client: Why would someone want to buy long-term external facilitation? What pains do they have that require external permanent facilitation help? • do they have lots of challenges they need help with? • do they need an outside view to help cut through the politics or noise? • are they struggling to hire internally? What gains do they get from that approach • is it cheaper to buy in bulk? • do they need consistency by using the same person? • are the challenges ongoing, so they need continuity? Finally, what are they really looking for - what are their Jobs to be Done? • are they looking for organisational change? • do they really need an internal person but can't find one? These are just thought and prompts for you (inspired by the Value Proposition Canvas). My hunch is that this isn't a true need that a company has. Companies hire external facilitation support when there's a specific problem that keeps leaders up at night & when they cannot solve it internally. Hope this helps?
I am curious what sorts of 'prototypes' result from the workshops people run. I really also want to know sort of platforms groups use for modeling their prototypes (e.g. Miro, Figma, so on) and if you actually make physical models for your prototypes, what do you often use?
Shannon Wagers
Jason Reagin
Spencer Ayres
Dave Gregurke
New comment Apr 24
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I generally do the following for digital prototypes: • Low fidelity concepts - pen and paper for rough sketches (yes I would argue these are prototypes and use them to test assumptions) • Mid fidelity - Miro prototyping tools • High Fidelity interactive prototypes - Figma (but it sometimes depends on what the client uses e.g. XD, Sketch etc)
First Principles Thinking Workshop
Hi guys how are you 😄 ? I’m curious and wanted to ask you if you’ve ever ran a First Principles Thinking Workshop ?
Shannon Wagers
Salah Bouchma
Gilmar Wendt
Spencer Ayres
New comment Apr 23
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I haven't run anything called that, but I've designed and run lots of activities that focus on getting to route cause /first principles such as 5 whys, jobs to be done etc
Any Entrepreneur Facilitators or Product Strategist?
I’m curious if any facilitators have their own firm running shops or are in the process of working on it and what that looks like. I’m a UX designer however as someone who also loves business and product strategy, I’d like to know more about the journey and have further discussions in this area about your positive and challenging experiences. Thank you 🙂
Spencer Ayres
Gabriel Teniente
New comment Apr 21
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I'd be happy to chat Gabriel. Best to connect on LinkedIn as I'm more active over there
I figured out AJ&Smarts entire business model
Hey Facilitators, Firstly apologies for those of you that have seen this on the other AJS channels, but for those of you that haven't seen it, here you go... You may have also seen that Jonathan also did a react video on latest Unscheduled CEO podcast ----------- The Business Model Canvas is a great workshopping tool (when used well) to retrospectively analyse a business but also plan transformations. I recently used it to deconstruct AJ&Smarts business model and show how Jonathan and team transformed their business twice (into what we see now). I really hope you enjoy this video, it was made for people like you :) Hope you enjoy it - Thanks, Spence
Jonathan Courtney
Will Stammers
Adamma Stekovics
David Newman
Spencer Ayres
New comment Mar 6
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@Adamma Stekovics Thank you Adamma 😊
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@David Newman Thanks David, it's a great tool to use with clients or to use in advance of working with a new team, to help you understand their business model.
You have to Pay to be Successful (but there are 2 currencies) ⏰💵
Hey all! I thought it might be interesting to start a money/success discussion amongst the facilitation chat here as I think being a successful facilitator is just as important as being a great one. So here's a topic I believe strongly about: You have to Pay to be Successful To become successful at anything, you’ll need knowledge and experience. You’ll need to learn hard lessons. To run a successful Design Consultancy, I needed to understand how to build a design team, how to sell, how to market, how to manage and everything in between. To run a successful Online Course business I needed to understand how to build online courses, how to package them and most importantly: how to sell them. To be a high-day-rate Facilitator, I had to learn not only how to run any kind of session for any type of company, but also how to SELL facilitation to any type of company. All 3 required a lot of lessons learned to bring them to their current multi-million dollar revenue states… but I used a different “currency” to build each one. In the end, there are only 2 currencies an entrepreneur can use to learn the lessons needed to become successful: 1. Time 2. Money Time: At the beginning of my career I used the only currency I had a lot of: time. It took years of grinding before AJ&Smart even reached the 7-figure (million-dollar revenue) mark. I was shooting in the dark, trying to build something from scratch, learning the lessons in real-time as they happened. It was like hiking up a mountain with no map, no guide and no signs. Eventually, I made it to the top of the mountain but it was a painful process and it nearly burned me out. This is why I decided to try a different currency for the second business: Money Money: From the beginning of building Workshopper, in fact, even before I created the first line of dialogue for my first course, I decided to pay for the lessons I needed to learn using money! For the second business I decided that if I could pay someone who’d “already been to the top of the mountain” to tell me how to get there quicker and safer, I would pay them. I didn’t want to trudge up the mountain blindly, taking years to learn the lessons that others had already learned the hard way.
Hassanein Ismail
Jonathan Courtney
Joao Ribeiro
Connor Swenson
John Enyame
New comment Feb 8
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@Jackie Das This has now got me thinking - what would you (or anyone else in the group) be looking for coaching for?
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@Jackie Das Make sense. Thank you. I've sent you a DM on LinkedIn btw.
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