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So i have a separate course that i'm doing just a short 4 week program but i want them to be able to communicate but separate from the main course community, is this an option. I've added a separate course on there but is there a way to add a separate chat



Mareya Ali
Vladimir Druts
New comment 7d ago

Hey all, we would like the option (if it is not already possible) to embed code into a classroom description to have a singular place for what we are asking them to do. That way they don't leave Skool in order to complete the assignments. If there is already a way to do this, please let me know. I tried the embed code and it just showed the code rather than embedded it. Inline code and the other one was tried. Maybe I did it wrong? Please let me know your thoughts or if this is possible already, some direction would be great!



Alex Reisch
Shola Emily
Jacob Wilson
Jesse Gilmore
Sid Sahasrabuddhe
New comment 28d ago
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    @Sid Sahasrabuddhe do you know if theres a solutiion to this ?

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    @Sid Sahasrabuddhe got ya, but it can’t be embedded

We're working on subscription billing, and we need a few creators for the private beta. Interested? Give me a money GIF in the comments below if you want subscription billing.



Robert Boulos
Ka Hou Chiang
Vanessa Cardoza
Steve Mills
Lars Küster
New comment Aug 16

I have this annoying lady who keeps on requesting to join my group despite being declined everytime, I believe the group can be found quite easily. So is there a way to stop people pressing request to join



Sam Ovens
New comment Aug 9

Hiya, Is there a way to bulk select members to give access to particular courses ?



Sid Sahasrabuddhe
Shola Emily
New comment Jul 25

Hey, Is there a way to make sure that clients have to watch the previous video before they can proceed in the programme?



Robert Charles
Valentin Rosas
New comment Jul 24

Just sharing a concern about people that cold DM on Skool ... I have no problem getting prospecting DMs from owners or admins of a group I am part of, that's absolutely normal that they leverage their leads. However recently I am getting A LOT of messages from people from groups that have nothing to do with the groups ... Just like the old cold DM fishing in other FB groups I really wish Skool finds a way to minimize that spammy behavior because that defeats the purpose of Skool (a plateform to learn without being distracted). Does anyone experienced the same? Any ideas how to prevent this from happening?



Shola Emily
David Sekera
New comment Jul 20
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    I got this too but there is a way to turn it off, if you click on yourself in the top right, then go to chat “Who can message me” And switch it on/off

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    Once I turned off the skool community one, all of them stopped

I think a mobile app would be super nice mainly for the community portion and communication. I'd love to be able to check my messages and posts on the go to see if I can answer quick questions without having to log in on my computer. Anyone else?



Nick Guadagnoli
Sid Sahasrabuddhe
Erik Shirkey
Kevin Lee
Michael Giele
New comment Apr 19
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    @Jo Davison was wondering this too, just moved over from teachables so would love to have that feature!

Is there a Skool app coming, so my studentents can login from an app on their mobile phone? Am going to build my course and community on skool soon, excited for this awesome platform Sam 💪🏼



Dennis Kraus
Nick Guadagnoli
Shola Emily
Bruce McKinnon Jr
Heinz Koop
New comment Nov '22
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    @Nick Guadagnoli do you have a rough date when you’ll have an app

How do I stop getting notifications of a skool I'm in and of a thread I'm in?



Shola Emily
Chase Maddox
New comment Oct '22
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    Go to settings and follow the prompts

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Ted Carr
Mitch Wilder
Shola Emily
Richard Robin
Nick Guadagnoli
New comment Sep '22
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    Is there a way to allow students to sell your course and earn commission ?

  • 1 like • Jul '22

    @Ted Carr our own personal ones

does anyone have the template to bulk upload members the template is displaying an error message



Sid Sahasrabuddhe
Shola Emily
New comment Jul '22
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    @Sid Sahasrabuddhe thank you so much for your help, this works !

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