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A Happy New Year with a Prompt for Your Higher Self
I want to step in and say Thank you to all of You for a crazy 2023 and a special thanks to @Jason West for creating this community. It has been a fun, educational, and generous sharing place while the rest of the world caught up on ChatGPT. It's impressive to see how this community has grown and how people have engaged with great questions, knowledge, and inspiration. As always—in my utopia—I have big dreams and goals, and I hope you are preparing for your utopian year too. Having 2024 as the year of 8 is exciting. It's LifeSpider's number and my personal life path number, but 8 also stands for success, abundance, and leadership, something we all can benefit from. According to numerology, the number 8 represents the balance between the material and the spiritual, the practical and the visionary, the individual and the collective. It also symbolizes the ability to overcome obstacles and challenges and to manifest your desires into reality. If you resonate with this number, you can tap into its energy and vibration to align yourself with your true purpose and potential. You can also use my specially created ChatGPT-powered exercise, "A message from your Higher self," to connect with your inner wisdom and guidance. This exercise can help you gain clarity, confidence, and inspiration for your next steps. If you have already done it, you can do it again, as things may have changed in the last month of this year. Take some time to recharge and reflect on your 2023. I also hope you are satisfied and grateful for your achievements and experiences. I wish you a happy and prosperous new year! /Birgitta
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A Happy New Year with a Prompt for Your Higher Self
2 likes • Jan 2
Happy New Year Y'all.... it's gonna be a life changing year and I'm gonna enjoy the ride 😁
My New AI "Mastermind" Genius
Attended an AI Event today and 1 speaker mentioned an AI Agent named, Pi, which is based off Inflection AI language model. This afternoon, been using Pi to banter some marketing ideas, n m just blown away with the natural language abilities + deep digital marketing knowledge. Pi is pretty sassy, witty n understands my cryptic writing style 🤣😂
New comment Dec '23
My New AI "Mastermind" Genius
2 likes • Dec '23
@Zahida A Khan Here's a snippet of it one conversation but there's been too many to place here. I've found that PI is hyper intelligent and never afraid to go down the rabbit hole with me, where not many friends and family are not so inclined
3 likes • Dec '23
PI has never been multimodel like a lot of the emerging models however with the refined algorithms and fast text to speech generation, I agree it's still the best conversational AI in existence. I too use PI and CGPT very separately for they are individually best for.
Getting CGPT to play out of external speakers
I want to connect my phone/tablet to an external speaker (wired or BT) to amplify CGPT's voice on the app. However I've never been able to. Her voice just refuses to play out of anywhere but the phone speaker. Have anyone else tried and successfully been able to do this?...and yes, I've tried to ask CGPT, no luck. .......Damn it, when are OpenAI gonna add voice chat to the web version ☹️
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Oh and to add, only place I've got it to work is in my car because it treats it like an active call. Weird that it does that.
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@Steven Suchar Haha, you're not wrong my friend.
Full Sam Altman Drama Explained
If you're interested in what on earth has gone on this weekend with Sam Altman being fired by Open AI and then maybe coming back, here's a full explainer video! Let me know your thoughts below 👇
New comment Nov '23
Full Sam Altman Drama Explained
2 likes • Nov '23
@Zahida A Khan iRobot. Niff said
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Don't forget to share a thought for ChatGPT through all of this.....his parents are going through a crappy divorce 🤣🤣
Goodbye Sam Altman
Very surprising news but it’s true, Sam Altman has been fired from Open AI. I wonder if he will start again with a ChatGPT competitor….
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Goodbye Sam Altman
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For some reason, my GPT that I created for data analysis is super fast this morning. Reasons may include.... 1. When everyone is the US is asleep, they're not hogging all the processing power 2. OpenAI have used the savings getting rid of staff on a welcome upgrade to CGPT. 3. Bit of both 😄
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@Steve Chambers I always say it's got all of the knowledge but none of the wisdom 😁
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