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Skool is amazing - with it, I generate about $10,000/m in recurring revenue with my LT offer, and another $30,000-$40,000/month with my HT offer. This is how I've set things up - nice & simple. If you have any questions, comment below 👇 P.S. Want my shirt? Visit https://skoolmerch.com/


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Benny D
Danny Mallinder
Kevin Barry
Jeremiah Desmarais
Ted Carr
New comment 18h ago
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    Really appreciate you sharing this Ted. Many thanks

Good communities highlight their members. It's all about the members. That's YOU! We want YOU to share how you're using Skool so others can get ideas and learn. We'll give spot prizes (like Skool merch) to members who share something cool. If you share something people find useful — we'll promote you to our 800k email list, 134k YouTube subs, and put you on our website that gets millions of monthly visits. We created a new category called "How I'm using Skool". Check it out! If you want to share how you're using Skool, create a post in that category with a good title, a short description, and a quick (less than 5m) Loom video sharing your setup/use-case. Help us help you!



Robert Clay
Nick Hauser
Carl Munson
Dejan Stanculovic
Joel Vazquez
New comment 2d ago
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    I am new to Skool but within the first week I can see the power of more than just a community. I see the potential to use the platform to create a 'movement'. I have explained to my clients they have a power that embraces the 'struggle' of getting fit. This power is transferable to so many others that most are unaware of. I want to share this message via Skool. I see several layers where people will move through at their own speed. I have large communities within YouTube, Facebook and Instagram that I have built up since 2020. I plan to continue to use these platforms but start to invite people into Skool from tomorrow and use Skool as my central communications base! I have a lot of pre built resources that I plan to use in my FREE community. I see the calendar function as crucial and just love the feature so I'll be filling this up with my my live events etc. I have a lot to learn still but I am excited to be here.

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    @Charlie Johnson That's not something that I am concerned about at present.

Opening my low ticket Skool page today. With the help of this group I opened my free community 2 weeks and have got it to over 600 members so time to open the first VIP rooms :)



Sid Sahasrabuddhe
Scott Maclean
Tom Sult
New comment 8d ago
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    @Sid Sahasrabuddhe Thanks Sid. It's just the start.

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    @Sid Sahasrabuddhe I have a good audience in YouTube and I have created a link via Instagram. I have a funnel ready for the low ticket group but I want to keep growing my free group and use my calendar to share events that are only accessible in my low ticket group. Just build some FOMO.

Opened my first Skool platform on Monday and just passed 150 members. I have my low ticket platform opening today and looking to create some FOMO. Thanks for all the support. Big thanks to @Ted Carr and the supporting material in this group.



Ted Carr
Scott Maclean
Lucie Woods
Zahida A Khan
New comment 14d ago
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    I pushed my existing clients in via invite on Sunday. I shared invite link via a LIVE YouTube video on Monday. I have just posted a Loom video inside Facebook group a few mins ago (Wednesday). On Friday I will push out an email to my list. I have created CTA to join at the end of a few short videos and added the link to my Insta bio. I plan to just keep nudging the thing along. My low ticket 'University' is now open but low in content so just padding out calendar and courses but I have things ready to go BUT no rush to promote it. Build it and they will come ....

Added my first course module today. Super simple to use LOOM and Canva. Boom.



Sid Sahasrabuddhe
Acesa Garrard
Sangeeta Naik
Scott Maclean
Ted Carr
New comment Feb 23

Hey folks. I am new to the platform but learning so much everyday. I am looking to develop my online cycling fitness and performance coaching and courses on the platform. I was wondering how many of you have multiple groups and whether your entry level group is FREE or a small $ fee? I presently have a low level entry point via my Pateron page that includes LIVE workouts and Q & A sessions. I also have a FREE Facebook group and do weekly LIVE FREE Video Podcasts on training via YouTube. My gut feeling is that I should create my entry level at a small fee and keep the Facebook group active and then gradually push my Skool higher tiers. I would appreciate anyone's own personal journey if it is similar to mine Kind Regards Scott



Just starting my first day in the platform. Having created a group in Facebook and seeing it grow to several thousand, I just felt it was out of control. I am looking forward to learning how to use Skool and engage with others on the platform. ps I am an online cycling fitness and performance coach 🚴😍



Nick Guadagnoli
Scott Maclean
Varun Teja
Aljaž Plankl
Danny Mallinder
New comment Feb 19
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    Thanks Danny. Yeh my plan is to keep Facebook but use Skool for something similar to what you mention. 🙏

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    @Danny Mallinder Thanks Danny - yeh I'll be testing next week and moving some people into group. All exciting but I am mainly looking forward to sharing my course

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