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Master Manifestation ("Energetics") and then Teach Manifestation, all while living abundantly. A group by Scott Haug.

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A Private Group for our Energetics Program Soul Tribe. Let's bring your life and business to the Next Level.

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Skool has blown my mind. I have had Facebook Groups for my programs since 2017 and they don't even compare. And I only started with Skool about 75 days ago (February 27th 2023). My group already has (3) Level 8 people and it's become the #1 group in my niche absolutely. I almost didn't join Skool. The reason? "I already have everything setup and don't feel like changing it." What changed my mind? The SIMPLICITY and RESULTS I kept seeing from Skool success stories. So... I tried it out and an extra $50,000 a month in results and making my life more simple has been the result. Pretty solid I think. Glad I went for it rather than listen to my ego. @Nick Hauser asked me to share the things that have been successful in creating such a Skool group (here is the link to my Skool if you want to look to see how I'm doing it: ➡️ How I'm Using Skool: I have a free "Manifestation / Personal Development" Skool group (1,600 people in it right now) and convert the members into my paid "Manifestation Mentoring Program" Skool group. My Strategy: Have everyone become engaging friends sharing what they learn from our content. And if they want more, enroll into our programs. I have been trying to keep it super simple. Here are a few elements of the Strategy: (a) The type of posts I do that have been SUPER successful are NOT me posting value. But rather posts where members engage with each other. Examples: "What are your unique talents / skills?" "What time zone are you in? Accountability buddy?" These have been super engaging because members learn about each other. I text / email my list about these posts, so they get more than 1 notification of the post. That has been helpful in creating a lot of engagement. (b) And I partner these with action-based content. Examples of those: "3 Day Money Challenge! Are you in?" "Watch this video of 'The Law of Attraction Explained' every day for 30 days straight"



Jesse Clark
Sid Sahasrabuddhe
James Annon
Scott Haug
Augie Johnston
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    @Chris Stelzer - Absolutely. A few ways for Automatic: 1 - Link in my Courses to "Upgrade to our Program" 2 - Link on my Calendar with "Upgrade to get access to this call" kind of idea 3 - Link on my main page A few ways for Manual: 1 - Live Webinar 1X per month 2 - Community Manger doing a few DM's to members to book a call 3 - Send email / text campaign to members Hope this helps!

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    @James Annon - I charge them annually, so it's more of a 'mastermind' than a one time program. Just from @Sam Ovens advice in WeTube, I agree so much with the new format now. Annual renewal is a much different game than just getting as many clients as possible into a lifetime one-time fee.

We're working on subscription billing, and we need a few creators for the private beta. Interested? Give me a money GIF in the comments below if you want subscription billing.



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Is there a planned feature to Schedule Posts? I like to schedule posts ahead of time sometimes. @Sid Sahasrabuddhe



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From my post yesterday, here is a video explaining my strategy on how I started profiting $50,000+ extra per month from my new Skool group in 75 days. Hope this helps! Again feel free to actually join my group so you can scroll the particular posts I'm talking about in the video: That way you can see the engagement in real time that I'm talking about. @Nick Hauser



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    @Frank Gyz - Thank you Frank! Really appreciate it.

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    @Otto Petersen - That's awesome, I really appreciate that Otto. Especially for what you do (I just checked out your bio), I think podcasters / coaches / agency owners would do great here in Skool. In your own group but also showing them how to use Skool too (more monetization without ads ideas for them). Just some thoughts!

Hey Skool Team, Are 3-way or group DM's in the future? I'd like to use this for Accountability Groups / Partners in my program. Are audio messages in DM or posts in the future? I use audios all the time to explain certain things or provide more of a personal outreach to clients. @Sid Sahasrabuddhe



Scott Haug
Sid Sahasrabuddhe
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Hey everyone and Skool Team, Before, my members could comment directly within modules. And that was actually REALLY engaging. Members were learning from each other in the comments that we also then sent to the main Community feed. But I no longer see this feature of "Comments On / Off". What happened? @Sid Sahasrabuddhe



Robert Boulos
Scott Haug
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    @Robert Boulos - Ah, yes I just saw that now. Thank you Robert.

How does Automatic Affiliate work? Does it mean any member of my group, if they create a Skool group AFTER being in my Skool group first, they are some how get tracked to being a user under me and I get the credit? I'm guessing their cookie gets tied to me? For how long, is that for lifetime if any of my Skool members create a Skool group? @Sid Sahasrabuddhe



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    @Sid Sahasrabuddhe - awesome, super helpful. Quick question as well: Is there a way to have a 'line spacer' in Skool DM's? I can't seem to create spaces in DM's. I have to use an Instagram line spacer app and paste into DM afterwards.

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    @Sid Sahasrabuddhe - How about laptop / desktop? Any way to do this?

I tried to look for this update, but when is the Skool App estimated to be out? Is there already an app for apple? See screenshot:



Robert Boulos
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Hey Everyone - how do we know how many points it takes to get to each level? And can we dictate how many points it will take or is it pre-set for our own Skool groups? Second questions - is there any tagging feature to tag specific members like Facebook does?



Sid Sahasrabuddhe
Scott Haug
Khalil Muhammad
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    @Sid Sahasrabuddhe - Awesome, thank you I see that now. How about for posts, is there a way to review posts PRIOR to members being able to post? (like an admin / moderator review process PRIOR to the whole community seeing the post?) For example, if someone posts a link that is against the rules, but it happens on a Sunday night, we might not be able to see if until Monday. So instead, I'd like us to review each post before it's posted in the group.

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    @Sid Sahasrabuddhe - Another question. Does only a 'like' count as a point? Or does a 'comment' count as a point too? How about a comment 'like' (the thumbs up to comments?)? I am testing these points in my group and the 'like' only counted as a point. The Comment didn't register as a point.

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