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I reworked colored River. And tonic and balm is the newest. And yes I kmow I cut the music off when I should have faded it out. But over all what do you all think about them.
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Hi Bill! Sounds good. Following Greg's advice try the mirror trick so that you can have someone to talk with.
Well as I'm sure most now are aware and many others will be learning , we are moving forward. This honor that has been bestowed upon me is not taken lightly so to all who read this I am grateful of your trust. IF YOU ARE READY SO AM I.... SO LETS GO!!!! With the group closing effectively on the 22nd of the month allow me to share the well planned contingency as we push forward. @Penny Orton has created our Facebook home. this is where we will continue our posts, script postings and demo reels.. Ask and answer all questions. share what we have learned OUR wins Our losses And EVERYTHING IN BETWEEN.. Everyone is welcome, the group is private so click the supplied link and COME ON IN!!! let me extend the warm wish of welcome to our new home upon your arrival. As mentioned previously I will be starting THE WELL MODERATED VO Q & A This will be the new Saturday educational, suggestion and learning session. with a Michael special sauce applied ( because @Earl Hall would demand nothing less ) everything I have learned I will share, all the tech, experiences networking and aquisition experiences. equipment review and techniques. You ask I will answer, and if I don't have an answer WE WILL find it together. The link will be posted in the new group. EACH AND EVERY SATURDAY 1 PM ON ZOOM STARTING MAY 20TH 2023 ( LINK PROVIDED BELOW) AND FOR THOSE WHO MAY FEEL IT NECESSARY FOR WHATEVER REASON ( DOESNT MATTER N I DONT CARE WHAT IT IS) I if you need a private 1 to 1 those are available as well.. I REFUSE TO LEAVE ANYONE IN THE COLD I am not just here for you, I am here with you!!!! Please excuse the extra long post , but I wanted to get it all out. any questions respond here , in the group or message me privately here.... WE WILL CONTINUE TO #GADQ
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Ready. Thanks for taking up the batton!
I want to take a second to start this post by saying thank you, these last few months the Saturday ama has helped me grow exponentially as a vo talent.but not just with my vo abilities but with everything, so a glowing endorsement from earl has made me feel I'm more prepared than I thought.Or maybe I knew but needed the push.So allow me to introduc The Well Moderated Q & A . Premiere episode will be June 3rd 2023 at 1 pm est on zoom. (Link to follow as we get to mid may). All questions and comments will be welcomed. Let's continue to grow as a family, let's add as a family. As always with me if I don't know, let's find out together. All my experiences and thinks I've learned through all my tech experiences will be shared.. More to follow but wanted every one to know that I'm here and ready to share and grow..!!! The Well Moderated Q & A W/ Michael w. Ray 1pm on zoom Sat June 3rd
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Congrats! Looking forward to it!!!
External Harddrive
Hi. This is just info from a hard-learned lack of knowledge. If you are creating content, and we all are, even in your DAW - the way that you save files for both audio and visual can eat up the space on your hard drive very quickly. It might be an idea to purchase an external hard-drive with a couple of terabytes. Just a thought.
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Grant's for your VO Business
Hi GADQ family happy Monday, looking for some free money to build your VO career, here are the Grant's that I was referring to I found this info on Instagram, hope you find it useful.🎛🎧🎤⚙
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Bonus hugs for you! thank you so much. I've been thinking about this all week.
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