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Changing URL
Hey guys, just paid for the subscription but for some reason it's not allowing me to change URL. I press change, confirm the warning message, and then just get taken back and the text box is outlined in red. I have checked and the URL is not taken. How can I get around this?
New comment Feb 19
1 like • Feb 17
@Erika Kulpina thanks Erika, I had that same question! So what @Andrei Kashkin mentioned is for the group URL? Correct me if I'm wrong, for the user profile instead, we need to have made at least 90 contributions and spent 90 days in the platform, correct?
1 like • Feb 19
@Erika Kulpina awesome, thank you!! :)
I just hit 100 members!
Whohoo! I opened up few days ago and now I have 100 members. Should I do the happy dance? Haha 💃
New comment Feb 20
2 likes • Feb 17
@Luisa Daruka where is the happy dance at?? Congrats!! Keep going, now 200!
Built-In CRM or Members Export Feature?
Just some food for thought mainly to help newbies and tech adverse people. It can help bypass the use of Zapier, save them an extra $20/month, and keep everything nice and clean on the platform. An export feature for CSV or Excel under members might also helpful in such regards.
New comment Feb 17
1 like • Feb 17
@Danny Mallinder haha nice! where exactly are you located again? I worked with a client in 2023 who was from Wairoa, lovely lady!
1 like • Feb 17
@Wesley Yates that's great Wes! We have GHL and API stuff going, I was asking more for newbies who wants to just pay for 1 platform to run a membership and have everything in one place. I think the export feature for now would do for many of them :)
How to Win (At ANYTHING) by Alex Hormozi!
Been answering a few comments about people just getting started with Skool and what their next step should be if their first few attempts to grow their communities do not go as they were hoping for. If you are in this situation, I think this @Alex Hormozi video will help you a lot! Watch in full and let's discuss it in the comments! --- TLDR Main Takeaways: 1. Success is impressing your future self, shifting focus from external validation to personal growth. 2. Inversion thinking helps identify detrimental actions by considering what the least successful version of oneself would do. 3. The human brain's tendency to focus on problems can be leveraged to find solutions by inverting the problems. 4. Success must be operationalized into actionable steps, making it achievable and understandable at every skill level. 5. Skill development is crucial; every skill needed for success can be learned and taught. 6. Patience involves engaging in alternative productive activities while waiting for results, and preparation is about setting the groundwork for future success. 7. Learning is the process of adapting behavior based on new conditions, and intelligence is the rate at which one adapts. 8. Confidence is built on the proof of past successes and is essential for taking bold actions towards goals. 9. Challenges and hard times are opportunities to develop skills and prove oneself, preparing for greater success when conditions improve. 10. Consistency and persistence in actions, even those that seem simple, lead to extraordinary achievements over time. *The diagram shows the pathway to success is a series of steps you do in order to "impress" your future self, which is nothing but the person you want to become. How? Using inversion thinking to avoid detrimental actions, and breaking down success into actionable steps. Alex also highlights the crucial roles of skill development, patience and preparation, learning and intelligence, and the significance of building confidence through past achievements. He also mentions that we should be embracing challenges as opportunities for growth and maintaining consistency and persistence in actions lead to extraordinary achievements, demonstrating a comprehensive approach to achieving success in any field.
New comment Feb 17
1 like • Feb 12
@Luigi Mancini thanks bud for the support
0 likes • Feb 17
@Zahida A Khan I posted this few days ago, it talks about your future self, I know that's something you were interested in..feel free to chime in and we can discuss it here :)
Hey...I hit 20 members...just sayin'. (See my "20 Member Dance") Dork it up!!
I love people. I love community. I love my message that I'm filling the world with...20 people at a time. Come on with me. Dork it up!!! What's your 20, 50, 100, etc. member dance? --Josh "Never forget that you're alive for a reason. Just get going. Get, sing till you feel like making it happen!" P.S. Don't forget to dance along...then comment about how that felt.
New comment Feb 17
3 likes • Feb 16
@Josh Holladay yes exactly! 20 in 2 weeks, that will become 40, then 60..a month from now you might get to 100! It's all about consistency and doing more of what's working! When you get closer to 100, I would start thinking about monetizing..and can start charging for the same community after the 100th member (instead of having 2 separate communities). That model has been successful as well, although less common than the 2-group model (free & paid).
0 likes • Feb 17
@Luisa Daruka this is the member dance I meant haha
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