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Shopify x Skool
Has anyone had any experience using Shopify as a landing page and collecting payment to automatically access Skool? I am currently using Podia with its own landing page and payment collection but would like to switch to Skool since the community platform seems much better. Thanks in advance.
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Hey, skool has a webhook for adding members. You could set up a scenario in integromat(my favorite) or zapier to watch for new transactions and then use the webhook to add users.
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@Nathan Field If you check my latest post I actually made a app for integromat to invite members into your group so that makes it easier.
I created a Skool app for integromat & make, here is how to use it.
Hello everyone!, the title explains it all. I created an integromat app for the invite members webhook aswell as rebrand, new users can't sign up for integromat). Written instructions on how to use(Look at attached files for visual instructions): 1.Click the link for the service you want to use and press install. 2.Create a new scenario and search for "Skool" and choose "Invite Members" 3.Click "Add" next to the connection, name your connection whatever you want(I recommend using the groups name to make it easier if you have multiple groups.) 4.Get your webhook url by going into settings in Skool -> membership -> Use Webhook. 5. Place the string named "groups" in the example below in the "Group Name" field. 6. Place the string named "id" in the example below in the "Group ID" field 7. Test the functionally by manually inputting an email adress in the Email field and click the "Run once" button in the left corner. 8. Done. Now you can integrate this into a scenario of your choice. Ideas: • Watch stripe for new transactions, filter for product name and place email string in skool module. • Watch for changes in CRM, google sheets, airtable etc. Check field status and grab email from row and place email string in skool module. • Use a thrivecart like software and watch for new transactions, place email string in skool module. I didn't want to publish them on the teams behalf so it is only available via a link invite: Integromat: Make: I hope this is helpful to some of you!
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@Sid Sahasrabuddhe No problem at all 😃, I can send over the code behind it if you want to publish an official integration.
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@Ted Carr Yes it is, if you look at alternatives to Zapier integromat would be the competitor. If you use Zapier I would encourage you to checkout integromat/make, it is cheaper and there is more advanced features.
Code Formatting
Quick question: is there any plan to add code formatting as a feature to Skool. We are running a community of developers and posting code snippets is a must-have in our use case. We have been using Tribe so far and considered as alternatives, but Skool is by far the fastest to load and that makes a huge difference for users. We are considering migrating but we cannot do that if users cannot share code snippets in the posts. Is something like that on the product roadmap? See an example of code highlighted in our current community. Following the markdown syntax we can add that using three backticks like this: ``` const test="some code"'; ``` @Nick Guadagnoli
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@Sid Sahasrabuddhe consider prism.js, very light (3kb) and you can create an official skool theme with this generator or alternatively allow users to create their own theme.
Classroom Videos - YouTube vs Vimeo
I'm trying to sort out the pros and cons to uploading classroom videos using YouTube unlisted versus Vimeo. I could care less about price - looking for some input on which platform to host the videos on. Thoughts? Experiences?
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What you could do is host your videos on your google drive, then you share the video for everyone with the link. Copy the link and convert it into a direct download link by using this website: If you just visit the url it will start to download but if you set it as the source it will work for video hosting. Example here:
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