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ENDS TODAY! Make Online Courses FAST With This AI Software Lifetime Deal
Making online courses usually takes a LOT of time. You have to plan out the course modules, create all the lessons, make them engaging, and so on. Thankfully, some new AI software has just been released on a Lifetime Deal that makes the process painless and does a fantastic job of helping you create courses for your niche. 👉 Check out the video demo I made at: This software is perfect for making online courses, you can sell, use as a bonus or even use as high quality lead magnets 🧲 The software is only available on a lifetime deal for FOUR DAYS so hurry and grab a bargain. ⏰ Cheers Jason
New comment 26d ago
ENDS TODAY! Make Online Courses FAST With This AI Software Lifetime Deal
3 likes • Jun 10
@Jason West it looks like you have to have an Appsumo Plus subscription to get this. Is that correct? Thanks.
Quick Look at The ChatGPT Mac Desktop App
I just made a quick video to show you what the new desktop app for the Mac looks like from ChatGPT as I was lucky enough to get it appear in my account this morning. Check it out at: Let me know in the comments if you have it yet? 👇
New comment 4d ago
Quick Look at The ChatGPT Mac Desktop App
3 likes • May 16
Cool. Thanks Jason. I don't have access to it yet.
How Churches Can Use AI ⛪️
I think AI could be super useful to churches of any religion and in this video, I demonstrate a couple of the easiest ways to use it. Check it out at: Ultimately, AI can be used for bad things but it can also be used for good too! 😇 Let me know your thoughts below! Cheers Jason 🙌
New comment Mar 28
How Churches Can Use AI ⛪️
4 likes • Mar 22
Thanks Jason...this is such a great idea! Can you give us the prompt you used in the video to create the sermon outline? You didn't put it in the video description. Thanks so much!!!
3 likes • Mar 22
@Jason West awesome! Thanks so much. Also, where/how did you get the 7 PDFs of the Bible?
Wondering about your thoughts of I hear good things about it in terms of building custom prompts/workflows etc. I must say, I am impressed by the positive feedback and reviews surrounding Users have praised its user-friendly interface and robust features that make creating custom prompts and workflows a breeze. How does pickaxe compare to other GPT builders etc. that you've experienced?
New comment Feb 27
1 like • Feb 27
@Mark Kessler, how ya doing? Hope all is well. I've never heard of this before. Is it for building SAAS things, along the lines of Bubble and Make?
0 likes • Feb 27
@Mark Kessler I like it! Thanks for the info! Gonna look into it soon.
Money from a Custom GPT idea
If a non ChatGPT+ customer wants to use our GPT they have to subscribe and the button to do so is on the app already. We should get residual payments from their subscription. What do you think?
New comment Feb 27
Money from a Custom GPT idea
2 likes • Feb 5
@Jerry M Poole so you think ChatGPT should have affiliates. Absolutely! I've already gotten close to 2 dozen people to sign up for it.
1 like • Feb 16
@Julie Helmer I didn't sign up for anything. As far as I know, there is no affiliate program for ChatGPT. I was saying that I wish there was an affiliate program because I've gotten a bunch of people to subscribe to ChatGPT Plus.
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