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📍Where is everyone from?📍
Hello Facilitators👋 I'm really curious about where everyone is from. I'd love to make this a mega post where we can see how diverse the Facilitator Club community is. Who knows, you might find a lot more people in your area than you thought! Once I have lots of answers on this post, I want to make a nice graph!
Rebecca Courtney
Jakub Michalski
Mimi Garcia
David Newman
Lindsey Nicole
New comment 21h ago
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From Los Angeles, living in Berlin
How to get the content of Miro sticky notes into MS Planner backlog tasks?
Question on Miro - is there a way to upload the contents of stickies / postits from Miro into MS Planner, to build backlogs from planning work done in a Miro boad? There must be a better way than copy and pasting each into a work item? Any advice appreciated, thanks.
LaYinka Sanni
Amr Khalifeh
Ren Yee Quek
Rachel Magasweran
New comment Oct 13
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I don't use Microsoft Planner, but hopefully it has a CSV import now. If it still doesn't use this guide to create an automation. Copy the stickies in miro and paste into excel, export as csv. Import csv into Planner via csv import or the automation in the guide. I hope that works!
How much group discussion is too much?
I co-facilitated a full-day, off-site retreat for a company (comprised of nine team members) yesterday. All in all, it went really well. However, the one tricky thing was having to continually tamp down the urge from the team to venture into free-for-all discussion land. I kept feeling like I was the "time sheriff," cutting folks off who wanted to open the floor for group discussion. Any advice on how to allow for some discussion but still keep things tight and on track? Note: We set expectations at the start of the workshop... explaining the concept of "work together, alone," noting that we'd be moving quickly, and showing them/using the time timer.
Bret Koontz
Claudia Spinelli
Lisa Walker
Holly MacLean
Marwaan Sasman
New comment Oct 9
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@Leah Zipperstein This is a problem all the time, and as a facilitator is super hard to multi-task your brain between what you're doing, what's happening next, and time keeping. I've found that there's always one person who also hates when topics get off course (it's not just the facilitator!) so I ask for a volunteer in the room to help me stop tangents & help time keep open discussions so we can ensure that we reach the goal of the workshop that day. They are super happy to raise their hand and be the bad guy/gal. Even better is to give them an honorary name like "tangent sheriff" or "time captain" whatever you like. The bonus is you have a little helper who partners with you and the job doesn't take much work. Then you're not the party pooper and the person keeping time is well known and already liked by the rest of the team.
Organizational Design Workshop
Hi, has anyone done an organizational design workshop before? Meaning, looking at the current organization and finding out if the work planned for the next year fits, if the team setup is correct, and if not how the teams should change to fit the strategy and roadmap? Also if people need to be hired. Any tips on how to best tackle this would be greatly appreciated!
David Newman
Boris Petrovitch Njegosh
Ren Yee Quek
Bill Clarke
Keith Wasserman
New comment Oct 3
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@Bill Clarke Yes that sounds interesting!
Meetups and Conferences
Hi, I have been looking for meetups and conferences that would be relevant to this group. I only saw there was a facilitator conference in the Netherlands but it was too late by the time I heard about it to go. Does anyone know of great meetups, conferences, events that are in the future? Ideally in Europe - I'm in Berlin. Thanks!
Jan Keck
New comment Sep 29
Any mother out there doing consultancy/freelance
Hey everyone, I lead a design team in a startup in Berlin and I’m currently on maternity leave. I’ll not go back to my job once my leave ends and I’m seriously considering going full facilitation consultancy/freelance. Is there any lady here that has done something like that? I’d love to connect 😊
Jakub Michalski
Adamma Stekovics
Talia Johnson
Ginger Rains
Hilda Soto
New comment Sep 27
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@Adamma Stekovics 9pm works for me. What day now? I can do Friday (Sept 1) or sometime next week. I can create a whatsapp group so we can coordinate easier on the phone. If you're interested, DM me your whatsapp number.
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Hey everyone, I created a Whatsapp group for women facilitators since there's many who want to connect. We will setup a call very soon and we can discuss logistics there too. You can join here:
How to facilitate "boring" information?
I'll give a training for managers where I will define 4 roles. This means that I have to go over the theory of the 4 roles, 4 times the same structure. Of course after each role I will ask them some questions like. "how important is that role for you? what do you have to develop to achieve, how for is this from your comfort zone? They will have to discuss that in duo. Does anyone know how to animate such kind of training? Btw. I will introduce a LEGO exercise to energize a little. Its mainly the theory that I'm looking to facilitate.
Jeroen den Uijl
Rachel Magasweran
David Newman
Markus Wenz
Nkl Blg
New comment Sep 26
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Making personas also comes to mind. Roles are boring, but if you name then, draw them out, give other characteristics it seems more "alive". Like this is Lisa, she's the HR director, her role does x, she loves to do y, etc.
Ideation workshop for product roadmap
Hi everyone! Which method you prefer best to do for product roadmap ideation workshop? Or the one with the shortest time spend on? I’m trying to facilitate all the stakeholder that still unsure on how to decide business & brand strategy of a loyalty/crm app into more community based app. I want to make them be able to define their own plan on the product and have them all 1 mind. Thank you
Javier von Westphalen
Rachel Magasweran
New comment Sep 19
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Hey @Sabian Sarasati, I've done these before but it depends on where they're at with ideation. Usually there's already lots of ideas not a blank slate. It also depends on where they like to get their ideas: from customer issues, existing tech issues, CEO wishlist, research, competitors features, etc. I think the most important part is that it maps to the product or company strategy pillars so it's not just a free-for-all and has some focus on what they need to do in the next year. I did one where there were already many ideas and there was already a product strategy. So it was kind of one step ahead. But they wanted to make a roadmap from that. It's probably a bit different but I asked everyone the week before to add every single idea they had to a Miro board, and color the post-its by tshirt size (blue = small, red = med, etc.). Then on the day, I had boxes for the 6 strategies for our company and asked them to add their ideas to the buckets. If it didn't meet part of our product strategy we put it in the "titanic" box (sinking it away to not work on it). Then we put our best guesses to show on a monthly calendar with product teams as the rows. We popped in each one to visualize what this would look like and if it was feasible. We then moved things around and put more in the Titanic box as we realized what was important and had further discussions from there. I can see how you could also flip this around to have the buckets as the sources of product ideas. Ex: buckets could be "our top 5 problems in our product" then to add ideas that fix those instead. Then go on to the capacity and roadmap planning I mentioned above as the next step.
Looking for a growth buddy!
I've recently embarked on my freelancing journey as an innovation facilitator, and I'm in search of a peer learner. I'm looking for someone with whom I can exchange insights, support each other throughout the process, and share our experiences. I firmly believe that connecting with fellow with the same goals can greatly enhance our performance. If you're interested, please leave a comment, and I'll get in touch with you
Sara Caldwell
Rachel Magasweran
Jonathan Courtney
Claus Höfele
David Newman
New comment Sep 8
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I'm interested in a buddy :)
Freelance clients - where do yours come from?
Hi all, I would love to hear from the freelancers here. Where did your first clients come from and/or where do they come from today? Do you seek them out online, do you cold-email them on Linkedin, do you get inbound requests from your website, something else? I'm interested in starting out but I'm not sure about the best step forward and what actually brings results to real facilitators.
Tim Daines
Adamma Stekovics
Rachel Magasweran
New comment Aug 31
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@Tim Daines Super helpful Tim!
Exercice for middle managers
Hy, i’m conducting a workshop for middle managers (their different roles.) I would like to do an exercise where they can feel/ experience the ’squeezed’ position. Anyone any experience or ideas.?
LaYinka Sanni
Jakub Michalski
Rachel Magasweran
Sara Caldwell
Caroline Van de Venne
New comment Aug 31
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I created a workshop for senior leadership and c levels to feel the squeeze of deadlines. We did a LEGO building workshop to teach them Agile principles and rituals, and also play the roles of the engineering groups. They also only had about 12 min sprints, 2x to build a house. It really showed them the stress of building something with very limited info.
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Hey all, I created a 2 hour workshop to show the fundamentals. I pasted the timing below for an example of the two rounds you would do. You hand each team a bunch of legos and a mission to build a house. No other info, just like many dev teams don't get much to work on. You give out a few roles of EM, Designer, Engineers (builders), and PM. The reasoning is two-fold: I want everyone to understand Agile without it being boring, play the roles and understand a walk in other team members shoes by doing it. #2 I wanted the senior leaders to have empathy for the teams who go through this each day as they send random requests to understand how disruptive it is. Our management team was pretty guilty of that. That's where the few "surprises" come in during the sprint to feel that stress. Timing: 1. Presentation on the simulation, roles and rules, present list of teams (10 min) 2. Backlog: Team breaks down the problem, prioritizes and estimates (10 min) 3. Build (60 min) Sprint 1 (15 min) Demos for Sprint 1 (5 min) Sprint 2 (15 min) Demos for Sprint 2 (10 min) One sprint cycle is (20 min) - Planning, 3 minutes - Sprint, 7 minutes - Review (demo), 5 minutes for the whole group - Retrospective 5 min. 1. Do a final group retro on the workshop TOTAL: 2 hours
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Rachel Magasweran
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Hey, I live in Berlin and have worked in program management and startups for many years. Now, I'm interested in becoming an amazing facilitator!
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