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I co-facilitated a full-day, off-site retreat for a company (comprised of nine team members) yesterday. All in all, it went really well. However, the one tricky thing was having to continually tamp down the urge from the team to venture into free-for-all discussion land. I kept feeling like I was the "time sheriff," cutting folks off who wanted to open the floor for group discussion. Any advice on how to allow for some discussion but still keep things tight and on track? Note: We set expectations at the start of the workshop... explaining the concept of "work together, alone," noting that we'd be moving quickly, and showing them/using the time timer.



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Holly MacLean
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    @Rachel Magasweran - What a great idea! I love getting playful with the helper's name (e.g. Tangent Sheriff or Time Captain). Thanks for sharing.

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    @Holly MacLean - This is a great idea! Thanks for sharing.

Curious how people approach having music playing in the background during their workshops. • Do you put a lot of energy into designing a playlist? • Does it depend on the group with whom you're working? Feel free to share your thoughts! I included a link to a new song I discovered this week. Enjoy!



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I have to say i've yet to take the classes! however i currently build through a 6 question model. Do you have personalised versions of facilitation builds that work particularly well in certain countries?



Leah Zipperstein
Stephen Marshall
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    @Stephen Marshall - I'm intrigued. Can you explain what you mean by the six-question model? I'd love to know more!

It's hard to describe when you encounter something that speaks to you. Like, really speaks to you... It's liberating. It's energizing. It's all-consuming. But that's a peek into how I felt when I discovered the world of facilitation. As a former journalist, turned nonprofit executive director, turned freelance marketer/consultant, I've been wandering the career forest looking for a more permanent home. Every position I've held has taught me skills that I've been able to use and build upon, but it wasn't until I found out about facilitation that everything clicked into place. And now, I can confidently point to the magical land of "workshopping" and say that I've found my professional home. So far, I'm early on this journey. But I'm loving every step. I ran a career workshop for a friend a couple of months ago. Now, I'm prepping for a more formal multi-workshop for a video production company that I'll co-lead with my business partner. I am eager to tap into this community and learn from the best. Heeyah!



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Eating a good meal among friends/family is my happy place. I help companies bushwhack through the forest to reach their intended destination.

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