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How to easily get testimonials that sell your product on autopilot
I made this video for a client and thought I'd share here: Who's this for? If you've helped someone with your knowledge in ANY way. Whether you got paid for it, OR you did it for free.. And you want to get more leads, clients, students, members? this is a must. check the video below👇🏻
New comment May 6
How to easily get testimonials that sell your product on autopilot
What are some MUST reads for becoming a better synthesizer?
What are some good social media books, mindset, business, econmics, ecommerce etc..?
New comment May 14
2 likes • May 5
Range: Why Generalists Thrive in a Specialized Society is one of my favorites. Also the works of Kyle Kowalski. He's one of the OGs - and one of my fav all time synthesizers, you can go down the rabbit hole in his articles. This one is a good start.
Steal my Synthesis System that made $38,741 in 2 weeks
@Andrew Kirby briefly goes over the second brain system in his course. So I wanted to share the exact system I used to turn my attention into $35k+ with my online side hustle (while having ADHD). Hope it helps! and would love to know: what are your fav tools for synthesizing in 2024?
New comment Mar 20
Steal my Synthesis System that made $38,741 in 2 weeks
2 likes • Feb 21
@Paul Sedillo Hey Paul check out these videos. 1) How I use Readwise Reader on desktop (sorry the video got a little glitchy in the beginning) 2) How I use readwise reader on my phone. Would also love to see how @Corey Bennett Boardman uses it!
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@Corey Bennett Boardman Hey brother, glad you enjoyed! here's a little breakdown of how it works here:
I Got My first 100k+ on YouTube
I started YouTube (Jona Ragogna) about 3 months ago and my video about how your brain is shrinking blew up like crazy. I have been dreaming about having my community since I was 15 and emailed Andrew Kirby back then asking to work for him for free :p (to be fair he replied and said he doesn't need help). Now I opened up my own community to fuel the most important task my generation has: to "Own Your Mind". Any advice on how I can grow it and make the most out of it? I already have a few members paying and have detailed course content and ideas for making this the most supportive community on Skool.
New comment Feb 22
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Lets gooo bro! Congrats on this!
How do you find the right mentor for YT?
It's as the title says. I'm trying to find a mentor for YT because I want to go all in on it and eventually make it my full time thing while monetizing a community. I honestly think I lack a lot of guidance and knowledge, and would benefit from finding some kind of mentor. What do you think? Where should I start on finding a mentor, and how?
New comment Feb 18
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Hey Gabriel love this question! I made a quick video sharing some advice here - (feel free to watch 2X speed) Main topics to save time: - How to discern your mentors - Understanding your spiritual equation - Read "The Third Door" by Alex Banayan - Find ways to give value to your mentors and build a relationship with them
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