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Turn your ADHD into an unfair advantage that earns your first $1000/mo online

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Steal my Synthesis System that made $38,741 in 2 weeks
@Andrew Kirby briefly goes over the second brain system in his course. So I wanted to share the exact system I used to turn my attention into $35k+ with my online side hustle (while having ADHD). Hope it helps! and would love to know: what are your fav tools for synthesizing in 2024?
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@Paul Sedillo Hey Paul check out these videos. 1) How I use Readwise Reader on desktop (sorry the video got a little glitchy in the beginning) 2) How I use readwise reader on my phone. Would also love to see how @Corey Bennett Boardman uses it!
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@Corey Bennett Boardman Hey brother, glad you enjoyed! here's a little breakdown of how it works here:
I Got My first 100k+ on YouTube
I started YouTube (Jona Ragogna) about 3 months ago and my video about how your brain is shrinking blew up like crazy. I have been dreaming about having my community since I was 15 and emailed Andrew Kirby back then asking to work for him for free :p (to be fair he replied and said he doesn't need help). Now I opened up my own community to fuel the most important task my generation has: to "Own Your Mind". Any advice on how I can grow it and make the most out of it? I already have a few members paying and have detailed course content and ideas for making this the most supportive community on Skool.
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Lets gooo bro! Congrats on this!
How do you find the right mentor for YT?
It's as the title says. I'm trying to find a mentor for YT because I want to go all in on it and eventually make it my full time thing while monetizing a community. I honestly think I lack a lot of guidance and knowledge, and would benefit from finding some kind of mentor. What do you think? Where should I start on finding a mentor, and how?
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Hey Gabriel love this question! I made a quick video sharing some advice here - (feel free to watch 2X speed) Main topics to save time: - How to discern your mentors - Understanding your spiritual equation - Read "The Third Door" by Alex Banayan - Find ways to give value to your mentors and build a relationship with them
I Completed the Free Content - Now What?
So basically I completed going through all of the free available content. I cannot level up any further and I also can't join Andrew's University... now what?
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@Krzysztof Fitas That depends on your focus Here's another quick video on how I see it:
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@Krzysztof Fitas you can’t access these with levels. from my understanding, those are for his paid clients / mastermind students. You only get access to them if you’ve paid or are part of one of his cohorts. He himself needs to give you access.
I made a video about why skool is better than school
I need advice about the editing, the content and the value I gave if it is enough.
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@Tobias Tech hey Tobias, thank you for that! Yes it’s a lot easier if you’re used to being on camera (great practice too). As for Reddit, I don’t see why not. I think it would be great if you did that. It stands out too because no one really makes looms. I think it also just depends on the subreddit you interact in and their rules.
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@Garrett Miller thanks Garett!
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