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Drag & Drop Reorder Pinned Posts
Constantly unpinning and pinning to get them in the right order. Please fix soon! 🙏
New comment Apr 27
Small Giants. Do any of you LIMIT the number of members?
Hey everyone! (and Eid Mubarak to anyone celebrating!) There is an approach to business which I really admire, whereby a company will choose to only do so much business, opting for greatness over size. Whereas, in the online business space we sometimes conflate the two and put huge emphasis on scalability. The watch bellow is a piece by Greubel-Forsey, a Swiss watch company that chooses to only make around 100 pieces a year (The one pictured goes for over half a million dollars, second hand!). Have any of you considered limiting a very exclusive group on Skool? Does Skool even have the feature to limit members?
New comment Apr 12
Small Giants. Do any of you LIMIT the number of members?
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Follow the demand curve Sam. Lower quantity means higher prices. That's the reason that watch company isn't bankrupt. Higher prices also makes it feasible to develop higher quality products and it attracts better quality clients, thus making the community more valuable, and thus justifying the higher price. If you're getting too much demand, just raise your prices. Another approach would be to niche down more. That watch company probably has a very specific clear understanding of WHO they are selling to and who they are NOT selling to. Focus on a very specific type of person, tailor the product specifically for that person, and tailor all your messaging to speak specifically to that person's specific pain/desires. Thus your product will be more valuable to that specific type of person and you can charge higher prices. Alternatively, you can cater to everyone, charge low prices, cap your membership and be a brokie lol
Skool Used For Internal Onboarding?
Hey guys, has anyone here used Skool for internal onboarding/SOP storage? I currently use Notion which is costing me like 800 usd a month and thinking it may be better to host all of this in Skool? Any reason why you think this wouldn't work?
New comment Mar 7
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I think Cole Gordon does this. He has like 15 skool groups.
How many DM's does an "innocent" person send in 1-week?
Imagine you're a member of some groups (not the owner or admin). Somebody "innocent", not somebody trying to sell people stuff... How many new people would you start a DM conversation with in 1-week?
New comment Feb 15
2 likes • Feb 11
@Sam Ovens What about doing something like friend requests, and then give users the option in each group to receive messages from friends only, group members, or turn off. Plus a platform wide default in the settings.
3 likes • Feb 11
Also "friends" is more positive emotionally. Whereas capping messages, reporting and banning is an emotionally negative way to solve the same problem. "School" is also a place for friends, not followers. It should be more like facebook in 2005 than IG in 2023. It's about community, not publicity.
Timestamp Links In Transcription Section
Timestamp links work in the description, but not in the transcription section. Can we get this working? Should be an easy fix right?
New comment Feb 10
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@Danny Mallinder Yes
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