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🌟 Looking for Volunteers!
Dear Facilitator Club community members, Have you ever heard of the NeverDoneBefore Festival? It is a 24-hour annual facilitation festival hosted by Myriam Hadnes and her NeverDoneBefore global community on the 17th of November from midnight CET to midnight CET. For a whole day, facilitators and other facilitation practitioners from all over the world gather online to play and learn together, exploring the fringes of the practice. To make that happen, we are looking for 12 volunteers to support us in hosting and smoothing out the processes. We have two different tasks to cover: 1. Concierges  - The concierges are primarily responsible for welcoming and supporting festival guests. 2. Facilitator Support - The volunteers who support session facilitators are responsible for opening up Zoom sessions for facilitators and supporting their readiness for a timely start of the sessions. Volunteers will join the global team, be invited behind the scenes of the festival organisation and help out for 4 hours during the festival. In addition, we will onboard and train them so that they can be in service of the festival guests and/ or workshop hosts. All volunteers get full access to the festival, 20 hours of participation. You will also receive onboarding and training to get ready for the festival. If you are familiar with Zoom and/or welo, that would be an added value, but we can support you in skilling up as needed. This year, we would also like volunteers to like and share NDB’s social media posts relating to the festival. If you have any questions, you can schedule a call with our Community Facilitator, Anuschka, here. Then, when you are ready to join, you can apply here! We would love to have you on board. Love and Appreciation, Anuschka P.S. If you are not interested in volunteering but would like to learn more about the 2023 NeverDoneBefore Festival, you can check out our website here
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Hi Anuscka =, i scheduled a call with you.however , you did not show up
The introduction
Hello Community. My name is Oghogho and I am currently living in Aberdeen, United Kingdom . I'm passionate about learning. I joined this community to improve my skills in facilitation and wish to contribute with my little experience to the community😊
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@LaYinka Sanni thank u
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@Coco Curry thank u
My 5-Phase Roadmap to Mastering Facilitation 🌟 Share Your Thoughts!
Hey Facilitator Club Community! 👋 I'm excited to share my game plan for mastering the art of facilitation. I've broken down my journey into 5 major phases: from education to continuous improvement. I hope this checklist can serve as a useful roadmap for anyone looking to get serious about this craft. So here it is: 🌟 Igniter Phase: The Spark - ✅ Joined the Facilitator Club: Took the first step to get inspired, stay updated, and build my support system. This ignited my journey into the world of facilitation! 📚 Phase 1: Education and Skill Building - 📘 Read "Make Time" by Jake Knapp and John Zeratsky: Mastering balanced productivity. - 📘 Read "Design Sprint" by Jake Knapp: Foundational understanding of key methods. - 🎓 Join “Workshopper Master” by AJ&Smart: Comprehensive training! - ✏️ Compile a List of Exercises: My toolkit of facilitation techniques. 🤝 Phase 2: Practical Experience - 👫 Facilitate Workshops for Friends: Safe space for practice and real feedback. - 🎭 Conduct Mock Workshops: Solo or with volunteers for real-world practice. - 💼 Offer Free Workshops for Local Businesses: Testimonials and portfolio building! 🏆 Phase 3: Building Credibility - 📝 Document and Share Experiences: Blogging and/or vlogging my journey. - 📋 Compile a Portfolio: Case studies and testimonials. 💰 Phase 4: Monetizing and Scaling - 💼 Offer Paid Workshops: Start small, then scale up. - 📰 Publish Articles/Guides: Sharing my expertise. - 💌 Start a Mailing List: Regular insights and updates for my audience. 🔄 Phase 5: Continuous Improvement - 🎤 Attend Facilitation Conferences: Keeping up with industry trends. - 🧐 Peer Reviews: Get feedback from experienced facilitators. - 📚 Refresh Your Training: As tech and methods evolve, so should I. That's My Plan! 🙌 I believe that planning is half the battle won. With this checklist, I aim to hold myself accountable and track my progress. And hey, we're all in this journey together, so I'd love to hear your feedback, tips, or even your own goals. Let's help each other level up! 🚀
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Love this .I just started the Journey, so i am in Phase 1.Goodluck with yours.
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