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🌟 Looking for Volunteers!
Dear Facilitator Club community members, Have you ever heard of the NeverDoneBefore Festival? It is a 24-hour annual facilitation festival hosted by Myriam Hadnes and her NeverDoneBefore global community on the 17th of November from midnight CET to midnight CET. For a whole day, facilitators and other facilitation practitioners from all over the world gather online to play and learn together, exploring the fringes of the practice. To make that happen, we are looking for 12 volunteers to support us in hosting and smoothing out the processes. We have two different tasks to cover: 1. Concierges  - The concierges are primarily responsible for welcoming and supporting festival guests. 2. Facilitator Support - The volunteers who support session facilitators are responsible for opening up Zoom sessions for facilitators and supporting their readiness for a timely start of the sessions. Volunteers will join the global team, be invited behind the scenes of the festival organisation and help out for 4 hours during the festival. In addition, we will onboard and train them so that they can be in service of the festival guests and/ or workshop hosts. All volunteers get full access to the festival, 20 hours of participation. You will also receive onboarding and training to get ready for the festival. If you are familiar with Zoom and/or welo, that would be an added value, but we can support you in skilling up as needed. This year, we would also like volunteers to like and share NDB’s social media posts relating to the festival. If you have any questions, you can schedule a call with our Community Facilitator, Anuschka, here. Then, when you are ready to join, you can apply here! We would love to have you on board. Love and Appreciation, Anuschka P.S. If you are not interested in volunteering but would like to learn more about the 2023 NeverDoneBefore Festival, you can check out our website here
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Offering free Community of Care sessions for Facilitators
🌟 Are you a facilitator who guides others through emotional journeys and complex challenges? There is a unique impact of your role on your personal well-being and energy. To give you a space to recharge and heal, I developed a supportive peer format called Community of Care for Facilitators! 🤝 Imagine a space where you're not just a facilitator but a valued individual deserving of care and understanding. Community of Care sessions offer a safe haven for you to be witnessed and supported by fellow facilitators who truly "get it." 🌈 Join me to share moments of humanity, exchange insights, and nurture connections that empower you to navigate your facilitation journey with renewed resilience. Discover the transformative power of being authentically seen and understood. 📅 Reserve your spot now for an upcoming session, and experience firsthand the profound impact of collective healing through compassionate witnessing. Let's create a community where empathy thrives and genuine care uplifts. The August session is on the 24th of August from 14:00 to 15:00. You can register here. You can't make it this month? No worries. There are sessions scheduled monthly until the end of the year. For more dates and information about the overall concept, check out my blog post here. This is a free offering, and I checked with @Jakub Michalski before posting it here. Love and Appreciation, Anuschka
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