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We just had a new YT campaign, spend £455 of the £500 daily budget by 8am in the morning, why is this?
We just had a new YT campaign, spend £455 of the £500 daily budget by 8am in the morning, why is this???
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It was nice when they used to let you control delivery speed, but they took that away a while ago. Google will spend up to 2x your daily budget in a given day if the AI believes it will increase the campaign objective (Leads) - but over the course of 30 days it will not exceed your daily budget x 30 days. You might want to put ad schedules in place if you're trying to get leads during business hours.
How We Hired 2 World-Class Media Buyers (Steal This For Your Biz)
Hiring is probably one of the most difficult things to do as a business owner because you have to know when to hire, who to hire, and how to hire… And if you were paying attention to the email blast I sent out yesterday, you might remember the reason why we were looking to hire Media Buyers in the first place. Long story short… It hurt. My team and I were putting up 60+ hour work weeks. And we realized that even though we had THE BEST MONTH in our short existence… (In terms of revenue, profits, and overall results)…We were hitting that point of mind fog we KNEW would eventually bite us in the ass. So the hiring process had to be done. But, same as probably you, we felt kinda “lost” in a way. Where can we find the top talent we need? How could we make sure they were up to Adspend’s standards? Those are valid concerns, but I came across this book “Who” by Geoff Smart about solving the #1 problem businesses have when it comes to hiring… And the fog was gone.We applied three stages to find the ideal Media Buyers for These are: 1. Culture Fit Interview 2. Test Project 3. Interview With The Team So let me explain each of these so you can understand the main idea: First off… Culture Fit. In this interview, it was just me and the candidate. It’s usually 30 minutes long, and we discuss the company's core values. Of course, you want to understand the habits, routines, and mindset the candidate has and holds as true. However, this also serves another purpose… Which is talking about salary expectations on the spot. (You’ll immediately know if the candidate hates to talk about money, values himself, or doesn’t know what they want) Now, for the Test Project: This is pretty much the easiest way to determine if the candidate isn’t “hyping” his skills.Think about it… You’re trusting a Media Buyer to manage your client’s campaigns. Their money. And if the money isn’t well spent… It’s your fault. So you want to make sure they are wise with their decisions and aggressive when they should be.
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Good stuff. Especially with media buyers, one wrong "click" on a campaign setting (ie: precision targeting) can cost thousands of dollars so having competent, detail oriented people makes all the difference.
YouTube Ads Best Practices for scaling in 2023 (Straight from Google's mouth...)
Hey everyone, Recently our agency got hands on Google's new YouTube Ads guide for 2023, which shares ALL the best practices when launching and scaling your campaigns! I've attached it to this post for you to look at, but if you want the short summary, here it is: - Budget: Set a daily budget that is at least 15x tCPA for tCPA campaigns and 10x the expected CPA of your Max conversions campaigns to accelerate campaign ramp-up. - Bidding: Start with tCPA bidding, if you know your video CPA. Use the UI CPA guidance to determine tCPA for Video. If your primary goal is to drive as many conversions as possible through a flighted campaign, start with Maximize Conversions bidding. - Targeting: Start with either "Custom Audiences - search terms" or Remarketing or Customer Match or Similar Audiences and opt-in to “Optimized Targeting” to show your ads to more people who are likely to convert. For Custom Audiences - search terms, use 10-15 of the highest converting search keywords. - Creative: Add sitelinks to your campaign / adgroup OR run multiple creative variants (at least 5 if possible, changing up call to action button, headline text or core video asset) following these tips to optimize creative effectiveness And if you want a longer explanation of this guide from me, where I break down each of those steps more in depth... Read the THREAD I just published on Twitter here: If you have any questions, comment down below! Hope this helps :)
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@Lucas Lee-Tyson we haven't used them either and if you're goal is to send everyone to a vsl page, I think only thing we may test is running them to an anchor link somewhere further down in the vsl page if you have something in addition to the video like text & testimonials maybe. Can't imagine sending straight to calendar booking, but heck may be worth a try.
Selling courses online (chiropractic)
Hi guys, it's been almost 3 month right now with this customer, a chiropractor. I tried to grow his YT Channel with Shorts and Video, now we are at 165 subs and around 10k total views (without ads I think is a good job), the problem is that on the landing pages we have 3000 videos (with yt and fb ads), buy 0 sales. I don't know if I run ads on his content videos (5/10 min video on back pain, exercises and stuff like that) if I stop the organic growth (because with ads we would have a lower AVERAGE VIEW TIME on video and that would decrease the probability of the video of going viral. So, should I start ads for video views to increase the number of people that watch the YT videos and get educated but I would decrease the organic growth (for what I know) or should only run ads on the landing page? The aim is to get sales of course, thank everyone for reading, I put some link so you have a better context! (old sales, 3k views 0 sales) (VSL to call step 1) ttps:// (VSL to call step 2)
New comment Apr '23
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It sounds like you need to validate the offer first before trying to go to cold traffic. Does he have a list of warm leads (maybe old clients or even friends that he could pitch a discounted version to? If you can't sell the offer to a warm audience, it's not going to work on cold. Get some testimonials from that and leverage those on the sales page and in the VSL.
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@Attilio Cimminiello gotcha. yea it's hard for me to help out much on the copy side since it don't speak Italian. You may want to watch the course in the classroom on the indirect VSL from Cole Gordon as that's very appropriate for health based offers. Key thing is people have lots of beliefs and perceptions about fixing back pain. The goal of the messaging should be to get them to believe this course is option they've been looking for and the reason why everything else hasn't worked is because they didn't what they'll learn in the course. Good luck
Special thanks to brian and his team
Brian I found you from money twitter and then got hooked to your youtube content bro, was a bit hesitant to join your skool group but now that I have i must say your free classroom has been a game changer so far. I really appreciate that you allowed us to see a bit of what you do thanks so much man
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Welcome to the group!
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