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I paid Jenny $1,000 for an hour of her time. Want the recording for free?
I've been making YouTube videos for years but... I rarely "go viral". But Jenny? Jenny has 20 YouTube videos with over 20 million views each (and more than 50 videos with over 1 million views each!) because she has a proven & repeatable formula that she uses. When I saw this... I naturally wanted to pick her brain and ask her for some advice. But how? Instagram DM's! I sent her a DM and was like "Yo! Can I pay you for 1 on 1 coaching?" She said "Yes give me all your money." & sent me her Calendly where she charges $1,000 for a 1 hour call. We spoke on Zoom for an hour and now I'm going to go viral. If you're wanting to get more eyeballs on your YouTube videos, you'll probably find this conversation SUPER helpful... Drop the word JENNY below and I'll send it over to you via the DM's + I'll send you a BONUS video from Jenny where she goes into even more detail on her viral formula for success on YouTube 😊
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How are you Programming your Mind for Success?
Out of all the 31 P's of success we've discussed so far, this "Programming" P is arguably the most important because it will dictate and determine all of the action you take and results you manifest. Just like you can program a computer to behave in a certain way, you can also program your mind so you behave in a certain way, geared for success… And you can program your mind with the following 2 exercises: Exercise #1 Incantations: What’s something you would say that would imply you are successful with this business? Repeat thse everyday with feeling. Eg #1: Wow! That’s such great news! Eg #2: Yes! When you say these with feeling, you put yourself in a certain vibration that will attract more experiences into your reality that make you feel this way more often. Losers do the opposite. They say things that lower their vibe everyday. So make sure when you do these incantations, you feel a feeling that you would feel if you were already successful with this business. Do you get butterflies? Does your heart rate increase? Also, make sure your body language visually reflects your feelings. Are you smiling with a fist pump? DO ITTT!!! Exercise #2 An audio describing your perfect life: Listen to this audio every morning when you wake up, and every night as you fall asleep. You just have to hit play… And as you listen, you’ll naturally visualize. You’ll see a scene in your mind's eye that implies you’re already successful with your business. Eg. You’ll see your mom walk into a new house and she’ll be so proud of you that she breaks into tears… and then you tell her: “No mom, I bought it for you. It’s yours.” and you hand her the keys. So the question is… How will you deliberately program yourself for success everyday? Will you implement the above 2 programming methods? In addition to those 2 methods, what teachers can you fill your head with via podcasts?
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Pure gold in here bro! Definitely worth the watch time. I like that interview with Russ. Really powerful
Sam Ovens Bookshelf
I recently visited the Skool HQ & saw all of Sam Ovens' books. If you want the same input sources as Sam, here they are. Which one of these have you read?
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3 Lessons from Sam Ovens
I just sat & worked next to Sam Ovens (CEO of everyday for the last 10 days and learned a ton. Things you cannot learn from books or videos... Want to know my biggest 3 learning lessons? Watch the video👇
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So good! Thanks for sharing Bro. Tricks please!
Audience VS Community (What's better?)
Today one of my bigger clients got all of his social media accounts hacked. YouTube gone. Instagram gone. Facebook gone. He spent YEARS growing his social media audience, had TENS of thousands of followers & subscribers, and now his audience is all gone... 💔 I was gutted when I heard the news (imagine how he felt 😢 ), but it served as a stark reminder for me. In 2023, if you're a contentpreneur without a free community, your entire business is seriously at risk from: - Hackers - Account bans - Algorithm changes If any of those things happen, your business can become royally f*cked overnight. Sales can dry up right away, potentially causing you to go under. The solution? A free community - OFF of social media - like on Skool. The risk of not having your own free community isn't worth it nowadays - ESPECIALLY when you consider how easy it is to set one up, and how enjoyable it can be to run. And running a free community doesn't take much time, either. With just 2 minutes per day you can keep it running smoothly. And think about the benefits of having a free community... you'd have to be insane to not want these: • You go from 'renting' and audience to 'owning' one. Wanna be a risky renter or CEO owner? • You safeguard a large portion of your audience from hackers, account bans, and algorithm changes. • You don't have to rely on the "1-to-many" sales approach (your community members can actually help sell for you). • You have a 100% deliverability rate to your prospects (social media typically gives you a 5% delivery rate). • You can get away with uploading far less content on social media. • You can interact with your audience on a more personal level, making market research a breeze. • You can make sales so much faster (because you're having way more personal conversations). If my client had focused on growing his free community a year ago (granted, he probably never even knew about free communities), he would have gotten a large portion of his social media audience into a safe place, and not been in such a dire situation now.
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