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Madimetja Shogole
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Bio: With over two decades in corporate event sales, I founded an agency focused on promoting and selling SaaS products, particularly AI-powered ChatBots.
Christina Ramirez
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Bio: Wife of a SAINT, mama of 2 & 4 furry animals. In previous life I was an ICU RN, but now I'm founding a non profit for Myasthenia Gravis & doing THIS!
Ibrahim Kamal
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Bio: Frontend Engineer
Sophie Adams
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Bio: I love connecting with people and sharing ideas with em❤️🫶
Michael Nall
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Bio: MidMarket Alliance shares all the best ways to maximize private business value! We are building a specialized search platform (a shared brain).
Martha Acevedo
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Bio: Totally Coachable, very happy to be here. Thanks AoF. Learning and sharing. With God All is possible.
Aziz Iskandar
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
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Bio: Building an AI that teaches you AI on
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Nasser Jones
20+ year marketer and developer focused on helping people grow their businesses through cost-savings and efficiencies. Excited about AI and ChatGTP.

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San Diego
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