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Introducing Myself
Hello everyone! I am a semi-retired mid 40's guy, splitting my time between Orange County, CA and the mountain west, who just heard of this community/course from a young man that I am mentoring. Looking forward to learning! I have a couple questions: 1. I do not have an instagram. I do have facebook though(not used often). Should I try and build an instagram from scratch or use my Facebook profile? 2.Are there any other community members in the OC area (LA or Vegas too as I am in these places often) or the Boise, ID metro area?
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Welcome to the club @Tom Johnson
about me
Hello, everyone here, santiago. I am very focused and ambitious; I have been in the world of online sales for a long time now; thanks for welcoming me into the community, and I hope to be of great help to anyone who needs it! So I can learn as much as I can from you!
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Welcome to the club @Duvan Santiago Castro Castro
From Toronto Ontario
Just joined today What's happening guys! I'm from Toronto, Ontario, Canada (I'm aboriginal and Italian mix like corn/pasta) @canzianamc Truthfully I'm all about helping people as I've been in the finance industry since 2010. Mindset is important when it comes to networking making sure there's abundance and a bulletproof vision. What is your why? What is it going to take to quit on your goals and dreams? I know my answer Cheers
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Welcome to the club @Alessandro Canzian
Hi I’m Jalen
Thank you for accepting me in this forum. I came across Micheal Sartain scrolling through Facebook and it was a video about MOA. Now I’m here so nice to meet you all! Now I’m just a driver/writer/vocalist with many other interests hobbies and knowledge. Can’t wait to learn from and meet new lifelong friends! I’m excited to learn from all of you as I was in a 6 year relationship, now single for over a year and ready to start dating again. I’m ready to divulge and make necessary changes to improve my dating life, social circle and financial situation from the advice I learn and I hope I can teach you all something too. It seems like this group has a lot to offer. I’m a cool funny fun guy to talk too so feel free to message me anytime.
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Welcome to the club @Jalen Threet
Miss Globe Sweden confirmed my event
But she's the only one so far 😂 Guess this is what they call a high quality problem lol. The content day event is on Sunday so 2 days left till I have to find at least another person to join. This is gonna be interesting. My event invite: Hey there "name", i saw that you make content! I did 40 mil views last month working with @junyuanofficial. I'm back in Gothenburg for a while. Me and some friends are doing a content day this Sunday. Wanna join? So far confirmed: @ssofiasjoberg And other friends
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Great @Joy Wu Keep going 🔥🔥💪
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