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Marketing for Tough Times - Exclusive Masterclass
In partnership with our Leadeth client @Christopher Lamotte, I invite you to register for a free Real Marketing Transformation Masterclass, you’ll learn what you could do to transform your marketing in challenging markets: - Apply the 80/20 Rule to your existing customers. - Have a convincing sales pitch with a clear USP. - Focus on the 3 key ways to grow your business. - Develop a growth mindset. - Harness the power of video marketing. - Invest in powerful email marketing. - Have a clear marketing strategy to outwit your competitors. Research confirms that companies who continue to invest wisely in marketing in tough, recessionary times are more likely to survive, win market share, build their brands and grow their profits. Please register your seat to support Christopher at this masterclass. I'm looking forward to the value that he will bring to us all.
New comment Mar 11
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Unfortunately I can't make it @Christopher Lamotte as I'll be working with students on their Young Enterprise programme. If I register would a recording be available?
LinkedIn Temporary Bans / Fuse Limits
It’s seems we are in the middle of a LinkedIn algorithm update as it’s very rare to get 3 clients reporting temporary restrictions on their profiles in the last week. Some of these clients are still subscribing to Premium/Sales Navigator so this is not always guarantee that LinkedIn will let you send more. Please ensure if you are using software tools with your LinkedIn account that you conduct all your connection requests via the software. Manually connecting directly on the LinkedIn platform will push the daily limits over so the software will continue to push. Turning off the outbound activity at the weekends is a great way to naturally put a regular pause in to prevent hitting the limitations. Watch the video to learn how to check your messages.
New comment Feb 26
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Hi Alex, I'm with @Jane Bayler on this, concerned that this has happened twice before and I can't afford to have my account locked out. My SSI is over 70. It's not always possible to use the software for connecting. I go to a lot of face-to-face networking events and often its the QR code we use to connect with others as it's convenient and instant. I turned Sales Nav off a couple of months back as I wanted to use the prospecting tool in Leadeth. I'm really nervous about turning the automation back on as worried I could get permanently blocked (as it says in LI T&Cs) - any thoughts?
2 likes • Feb 26
@Alex Smith - is your suggestion to leave the outbound connection requests turned off at the moment?
New Feature on Leadeth® Sales Engagement Platform
Introducing “the newsletter” this is a daily email report that hits your inbox at 9am in the morning. If you’d like me to enable this feature on your Leadeth account please reply below with “Turn On”.
New comment Feb 6
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Turn On - thanks @Alex Smith
🌟 Our Vibrant Leadeth Community Grows Stronger!
Another week ends at this Leadeth Skool Community, but a massive warm welcome to our fantastic recent new members and clients. @Attila Raczkevy - Printing Industry Enthusiast 🖨️ @Elaine Gold - Female Founders Mentor 🌟 Looking forward to our onboarding next week. @Antony Draper - Business Mentor for Growth 📈 @Linda Langton - Literary Agent Extraordinaire in New York 📚 @Tony Pincham - Fellow 3D Scanning Enthusiast 📷 @Nick Quick - Automation Enthusiast 🤖 yes, I used AI for this post. @Ana Daniel - Artistic YouTube Creator 🎨 @William Barnedo - Real Estate Investor 💼 @Arihant Kumar - Recruitment Expert 💼 @Masta R. - Upwork Agency Owner 🌐 @Joey Perez - Kingdom-minded Entrepreneur 👑 @Vince Hannant - Operations Director Accelerator 🚀 & @Chloe Duggan-Jones - his assistant 💼 @Lamia Ahlam Mukhtar - Seeker of Potential 🌟 @Julia Carolina - Creative Thinker and Doer 🌍 @Tim Cooper-Cocks - Money Mover and Shaker 💰 @Brandon Garcia - Financial Entrepreneur 🏦 @Tasneem Virani - Human Touch Leadership Coach 🤝 and fellow Million Dollar Sprinter @Terry O'Mahony - Long-time Leadeth Supporter 🌟 @Kartikai Sharma - Digital Product Designer 🖥️ - would welcome a 1:1. @Andrew Fitzsimmons - App Creator Extraordinaire 📱 this guy wakes up to join us at 4.30 AM!! @Smar K Phwa - SEO and Marketing Expert 📊
New comment Feb 2
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Welcome Everybody!
Weekly LinkedIn Engagement Pod Kick-Off! @ 12:00 noon - 2:00 pm London/GMT
Happy Monday! It's time for our weekly LinkedIn Engagement Pod session. This is a fantastic opportunity for all of us to support each other and extend the reach of our content on LinkedIn. Here's a quick rundown of how it works and the rules to ensure we all benefit: Rules for Participation: 👇👇 1. Quality Content: Share posts that are valuable and relevant to our professional community. 2. Be Supportive: Engage with at least five members' posts with meaningful comments and likes. 3. Reciprocity: If someone engages with your content, return the favor. 4. No Spam: Keep self-promotion to a minimum and focus on contributing to others. 5. Respect Privacy: Do not share details from the pod outside the community. 6. Timeliness: Post your content within the first 30 minutes of the session start time. How to Participate:👇👇 1. Post a link to your LinkedIn content in this designated Skool thread. 2. Engage with others' posts before adding your link. 3. Once you've engaged with posts (ideally a like, comment and reshare if relevant, comment 'Done' under your original post link. Note: Remember, the strength of the pod lies in our collective effort to engage sincerely and supportively. Let's make our LinkedIn network vibrant and beneficial for all! Looking forward to seeing your insightful content!
New comment Jan 25
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I know I'm a bit late to the party - but here's mine:
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@Steve Wright done!
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