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New year dbr results
Doing a gym dbr at the moment. It's going awesome. About 110 messages sent and 15 appointments! It's a strong list and we changed the verbiage a bit for the new year. Thanks Rob!
New comment Feb 26
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We use waghl and use the gyms whatsapp number. You can also create new numbers in twilio buy some extra phones, instal whatsapp and whatsapp business, download whatsauto, join some crypto groups, people will start talking to you and whatauto wil respond with chatgpt. Let this run for about 3 weeks and you number is warmed up and you can use it for dr. Be cautious in the beginnng. WhatsApp blocked several of our numbers already.
DBR - Main Service or Bonus?
Hi guys i was wondering if you are offering DBR as your main service or you have it as a bonus to your offer? or do you have it as an Upsell? Thanks !
New comment Jan 25
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Main offer, although we currently have a workinh AI chatbot that books appointments and we might switch to this as our core offer and get DR as a bonus. But attract them with the AI
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@Suzanna Kiraly i use closebot
Some lessons learned from our first GYM DR's
1) Check and dubbelcheck your messages and flows before you send them out. Sounds obvious but you'd be surprised... 2) Don't underestimate the time it takes to set up everything properly. It really bothered me how long some webdesigner took to link a calendar or to instal a chat widget. 3) Make sure you check the saleprocess and work out the incetives that they can give on the first day so that the chances of a 10 day pass converting to a client on the first day maximizes. Use the script, make the ppt (use fiverr) 4) Don't waste your time on DB of 200- 300 people for a gym. Just not worth the time. 5) Text your complete cellphone list and ask if they know a gym owner. I know sound horrible to do and it is, but I got some High quality leads out of my personal list.
New comment Jan 31
Search for VA - not english speaking
For people who send messages in other languages than English, you need to be a bit creative in order to get a cheap VA. I'm from Belgium, the wages in Belgium are relatively high. €25/hour. We speak dutch and the Netherlands have a former colony Suriname. They still speak dutch over there. So now we got a VA for half of the price and maybe less after more negotiations. So my advice look for parts in the world where they speak your language and labour is cheap.
New comment Jan 10
How we did a DR to get our first 6 clients
We obtained a list of all the gyms in our area from Google Maps through Fiverr. Surprisingly, many gyms had cell phone numbers listed. Our original plan was to cold call them, but with all the cell phone numbers available, we decided to run a DR instead. Here are the steps we followed: 1. We added the list to GHL (GoHighLevel). 2. We sent a message asking, "Do you accept new members?" (Of course, they do 😉). 3. We waited for a reply. If positive, we proceeded to the next step. 4. We sent a follow-up text: "I'm inquiring because I'd like to bring you 15-30 new members in the next 30 days. This service is completely free. I'll handle the follow-up and acquisition costs. In return, I only ask for a short interview afterward and for you to consider a longer-term collaboration. Would you be interested in a brief call? If you prefer not to receive messages, please send 'STOP'. Kind regards, Ashley." (Note: Consider adapting the wording a bit as the original is in Dutch.) 5. We sent a follow-up text with a link to a YouTube video of a previous interview, if available: "Here's an interview with [Gym Name], where we secured 63 appointments in 13 days." This strategy successfully secured our first six clients!"
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@Joss Black yes that's it
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@Zeee Jay thanks but found somebody in Suriname, it's a former colony of the Netherlands and they speak Dutch over there.
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