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Great way to start!!!!
What Robb's videos and DBR are about, is getting an upfront large payment (for 3 months of service by your agency). Then rolling over to a monthly service agreement (subscription). Bundle all the extras to keep the client after the first month, by showing how much value you bring to their company. Missed Call Text Back (the fast 5 program, getting organic traffic hooked within 5 minutes of contact without moving to the next business on Google search. every 3 month DBR (of past customers, if doing gyms, you can also go after current members by offering buy 6 months get 1 month free, or buy 12 months get 2 months free) This puts cash into the business up front, not waiting for cash later, and will most likely get the customer to come back for that time frame. Reputation Management Social Media messaging via Lead Connector in one location Google Business Chat Google Business Reviews placed on Website /FB Website chat widget which allows texting (conversational AI add-on service) Yext (add on) (95+ search results and SEO boost) Robb does not allow access to most of HL to his clients, and when he does, its just conversations, and maybe a pipeline movement. In my agency I have tossed in a 12 week, 45 minute zoom (once per week) to do client check up / what happens next, or gym front desk closing the appointments coming in (sales scripting to convert more appointments to memberships) This zoom will help with questions, sales training, cover the results from the past 7 days, (example, we were able to SMS text 400 past members(100 per day, 4 days a week) [you had a 10% SMS response rate] 40 total booked appointments and gym closed 20 members. [50% close rate of the gym] (20 members X $80.00 gym fees made the gym $1600.00 income this week, not counting reoccurring revenue of the next 3 months. During the zoom, you can go over sales closing scripts included in Robb's videos ( inside the classroom, look at the war chest videos, the sub section Facebook groups on steroids, then go down to classroom content examples, watch the 5 linked videos (million dollar membership script is about training the front desk on closing leads)
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Awesome 14 more likes to go!
Here is a agency service agreement,
Here is a white label master service agreement, I have NOT had a lawyer look it over, it will need some work. I am offering it up here, 3 fold, 1) to see if I am on track or if it is complete garbage, 2) to allow others to copy it and use it for their agencies, 3 ) to help me get closer to level 5. I have yellow highlighted the spots you would need to change for your own business name / business address, and your pricing rates. AGAIN ITS NOT BEEN LEGALIZED YET! I can make changes to it, and then re-upload it if there are enough problems. Once Chat GPT has finished the NDA for the client to turn over personal data to the agency, i will also share that document as well. This will go a ways to helping potential clients fear, of turning over personal data, name, email, phone numbers. And again will NOT be legalized, but free.
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Chat GPT has finished the NDA, its below. The NDA is for your agency to accept personal data from a client. Again it is NOT verified by a lawyer.
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Changing Payment Processor
Does anyone here use Noomerik instead of Stripe Payment Processor? I am thinking of switching over before I get my first client to make my business life simple, and I was just wondering what others think about it? ease of use?
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Hi everyone it is nice to be here
Hi everyone i am new to this game .i have owned a brick and mortar business for over 40 years and now it it time to spend more time with my 7 kids and 7 grandchildren .so i need to earn a living on the computer .Born and raised in Brooklyn NY
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Nice job John getting to level 2 already. A little hack I have found, is that you can download the Skool app to your phone, and watch the classroom training videos on the go. Use your home wifi to buffer a few minutes of video to watch in down time or spare time on your mobile smart phone. Hopefully your cell service will buffer the rest of the video. This increases the speed of learning, while cutting out distractions during down time. You can go back to the videos at home to finish them, and or to download the extras. Welcome to Robb's fantastic group.
Lead Gen - Researching Google Ads & Facebook Ads Advertisers
I find that by researching who is running Google Ads and Facebook Ads in a niche locally is a great way to find businesses that are already spending money on marketing. Many of them have little or no system for tracking and converting their leads. These are highly targeted prospects for our services. One way to do this with Google Ads for free is to simply search for [niche] near me using "I Search From" You can search as if you were in that city and see who is advertising in real time. The links are not clickable, but you can see their info and go from there. For Facebook I use the Facebook Ad Library to find active advertisers. I hope this helps someone... I would love to hear some other ideas on how folks are finding good quality leads.
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News to my eyes, i did not know either. Thanks for sharing
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