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Share your LinkedIn Profile and Top 3 Skills
Wow, what an amazing Value Session we just had. So great to see many of you there. If you missed it - the replay is in the 'Classroom'. One thing I shared that can help you to get found is completing your Skills section. To give you all a boost in that respect, I would like to invite you to: 1) Share your LinkedIn profile link 2) Say what 3 skills you'd like us to endorse you for (you'll need to be a 1st connection) 3) Go through the posts, and connect with your colleagues and endorse them (if you are early to this task, you may need to come back later to complete this. I look forward to learning more about you all and your skills!
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@Cristina Quesado done
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@Cristina Quesado I have accepted and endorsed for you
Try this AI tool for writing
In the challenge last week, @Nellie Kinyanjui raised the question of using AI - is it a good idea, and how to get started. So I thought I'd share this resource I've just come across, that was recommended by a leading copywriter. It's AI suite has been designed for writing content.
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looks good
The Challenge may be over, but...
The replays and daily task posts will remain available for you for at least the next week - so feel free to take your time to follow the masterclasses and share your drafts and posts as you go. I'll be checking in regularly to see if I can provide support or feedback. So keep going! And this community is forever 😍 Starting next Wednesday, you can enjoy weekly Value Sessions - mini-masterclasses to help you continue to refine your marketing and messaging so you can attract more clients and have more impact through your work. Next week, we'll start with 'Creating your 5* LinkedIn Profile' - so be sure to join us for that. You'll find the details in the Calendar section of this group. See you there!
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So glad for the replays. My week changed entirely from what I originally planned.
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@Melitta Campbell thanks
Which Social Media Platform do You Use for Your Business
As we get ready for the Magnetic Messages Challenge tomorrow, I was curious to know which social media platform you use for your business? Let me know in the poll below - and share your profile links in the comments section so we can all connect, learn more about each other's work and support each other.
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I use LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram. Here are my links. Feel free to connect
The New Podcast has Launched!!
Four years ago I started the Driven Female Entrepreneur podcast to help more women get the knowledge, practical advice and inspiration they needed to succeed in business. It was a big success, with thousands of listeners each month and lots of business schools using it as an example of female leadership and entrepreneurship in practice. However, I felt that now is the time to change things up. See how successfully the Dream Clients Summit created a business growth experience for participants, I wanted the podcast to do the same. I also wanted a platform to share my Value Whispering approach to meaningful marketing and business growth, as I feel it fills a gap in the market for a more empowering and impactful way to run a business and attract clients - that also feels natural and authentic. I feel this week's challenge has proven that there is a need for this knowledge to be out there for more to benefit from. So I have taken the brave step (at least I'm hoping it's brave and not foolish 😉), to refocus my podcast and rename it: the Art of Value Whispering Episode one (190) is out now, and I'd love to hear your thoughts. And if you like it, it would be a great help if you could spread the word about the 'new' show. 🎧 You can listen to the episode here. Many thanks and happy listening! Melitta x
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I have started following your podcast on Spotify
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