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Discover how to craft a seamlessly successful hybrid workshop experience with this carousel. As someone who has reservations about hybrid workshops, I do recognize their undeniable value, especially in today's ever-evolving work landscape shaped by the pandemic.Adapting to new norms such as remote work and geographically dispersed teams has become essential. Let's face it – the era of change is upon us, and mastering the art of hybrid workshops is the compass to navigate it. Organizations are on the hunt for the perfect formula to blend virtual and in-person dynamics, and guess who holds the recipe? That's right, us facilitators! Integrate these 8 tips into your upcoming hybrid workshop, and I guarantee that the impact will be etched into your participants' memory. Now, I’m curious…What's the secret sauce in your toolkit for achieving great hybrid workshops?



Salah Bouchma
New comment Aug 17

How to Elevate your Strategy Workshops! 🧠🟨 Facilitating strategy workshops can be incredibly challenging. It's not just about choosing the right activities, it's about ensuring participants grasp the underlying business concepts, provide accurate answers, and stay engaged. It requires a lot of brainpower from both the facilitator and the attendees. So, what can you do to ensure your audience keep productive and engaged?🤔 Check-out the five tips I've learned from facilitating strategy workshop that considerably improved the workshop experience by making it easier for the participants. I'm curious. What other tips do you have that I could steal from you ? 🤓



Are you organizing a workshop but you don't know where to start? 🤔Here are 7 steps to prepare your workshop : 1️⃣Define the workshop’s objectives 🎯 2️⃣Identify customers’ expectations 🔍 3️⃣Pick the right team 💪 4️⃣Plan the workshop agenda📔 5️⃣ Create the workshop content 🟨 6️⃣Communicate to manage expectations 💬 7️⃣ Set-up the workshop experience While it's rare that a workshop will fully stick to the plan you prepared, the value of preparation lies in the deeper connection you develop with the topic, the ability to consider different angles, and ultimately be more ready for whatever comes your way. And you guys, how do you prepare for your workshops ? 🤔



Rebecca Courtney
Mehdi En-naizi
Salah Bouchma
Shannon Wagers
Benedict Odjobo
New comment Jun 4
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    @Rebecca Courtney Thanks for sharing, I didn't know this tool, looks cool and handy. I also love Goodnotes but I use procreate for illustrations, this is such a great tool.

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    @Benedict Odjobo my pleasure 😇

Tired of hearing participants express their lack of creativity or feeling like they don't fit into your workshops? 😫 It's frustrating to hear but simply throwing phrases like "be creative", "there is no such things as a bad idea" or "think outside the box" won't magically solve the issue. A common misconception is that only naturally creative individuals can come up with creative ideas. However, this is not true. Creativity is like a muscle that everyone possesses, even if it may be a bit rusty. So, how can you get your workshop participants back into creative shape without investing months in training? 💡💪 After doing some research and experimenting, I've compiled a set of techniques and rules that put participants in the ideal mindset for generating ideas. I call these the “7 laws of creative ideation” Are you ready to elevate your brainstorming sessions to the next level? Check out the carousel below 👇 Now, I'm curious to know—what are your tricks for boosting your workshop participants' creativity? 🤔 #Creativity #Workshops #Facilitation #Innovation



Salah Bouchma
New comment May 31

Are you looking to make your upcoming off-site a resounding success but not sure about what to do and how to facilitate it? Look no further, because I've got you covered! 🎯💼 Allow me to clarify. When I use the term "team retreat," I refer to an opportunity to step away from the day-to-day work and focus on the big ideas surrounding your organization. It can also be known as an off-site or a team day—different names, same purpose. In the carrousel, I shared the three key ingredients for designing a successful retreat. Unlike a Design Sprint, there is no one-size-fits-all formula for retreats. I nstead, they should be tailored to the goals and needs of the teams you're working with. However, I believe that every great retreat should explore at least three aspects: 1️⃣ Team & Culture 👊: Improving team collaboration and culture by creating moments for the team to connect. 2️⃣ Strategy 🧠: Developing a pragmatic strategy to help teams reach their specific goals. 3️⃣Fun 🥳: Organizing activities to allow the team relax and have fun. Ready to add another type of workshop in your worksop portfolio ? 🚀



Trevor Wood
Salah Bouchma
Rebecca Courtney
New comment May 30

Help me out people! I need to update my music playlists. Specifically some good upbeat, high energy instrumentals for the start of a workshop, or for bringing people back in after a break. And at the other end of the spectrum--I'd love some ideas for reflective instrumentals that aren't nature sounds. (No disrespect to the whales 😉) What's your go-to playlist?



Akshay Chillal
Will Stammers
Silvija Siksniute
Mehdi En-naizi
Renko P.
New comment May 30
  • 2 likes • May 22 : Here is my personal playlist, I often change the order to match with the next workshop I will be facilitating. :)

I'm new to facilitating design sprints and have been assigned to lead one for a team working on a marketing campaign in the public health sector. The course materials recommend conducting a head-to-head comparison of different prototypes during the sprint. I'd like to hear from those with experience in this area. What advice or lessons can you share? Additionally, I'm unsure about the ideal participants for the sprint. Any comments or ideas on that would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!



Trevor Wood
Mehdi En-naizi
Austin Govella
Salah Bouchma
Wendy van Eyck
New comment May 30
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    Hey Wendy, For the second part of your question, try to pick a multi-disciplanary teams, and people that would be able to contribute to the sprint. Here, since to a marketing campaign, I would suggest someone related to the product/service you want to promote, a marketeer, a copywriter, a designer, etc. Try to imagine what would be the prototype and who could help make it stronger. Here is a nice article talking about this topic:

  • 0 likes • May 30

    @Wendy van Eyck it’s all about selecting the right area on the map and validating the right sprint questions. Make sure the lightning demos that the team shared are actually answering the sprint questions, it’s a good indicator if they really understand what your are trying to achieve with this sprint 😊

Hey fellow worshoppers, I'm excited to announce that along with @Katrien Schepers, we are organizing a meet-up in Brussels on March 21st, starting at 6 pm. We will be discussing the next big trend in the facilitation world, a topic that Jonathan is particularly passionate about. During the event, we'll share practical tips on how to run successfully that type of workshops and provide a real-life case study to illustrate the theory behind the topic. This is a great opportunity to expand your facilitation skills, learn from others and connect with them. To reserve your spot, please follow the link below to register for the meet-up. We can't wait to see you there!" And to already answer your questions, yes there will be some food 😂🍕



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