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Start Strong, End Stronger
Hi all, looking for your "end stronger" experiences. I am conducting a strategy workshop for a non-profit Monday evening. I was thinking of ending the session with their super powers they will bring to the table in 2024 to make sure they meet their strategic goals. Looking for other ideas. We talk a lot about ice breakers.... need a strong ending. Thanks in advance! Julie
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Start Strong, End Stronger
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@Rebecca Courtney Thanks for the shout out. On top of the very good explanations from Rebecca, here is a small guide to be able to run this exercise :
5 lessons from World-Class Facilitators.
As the year 2023 is almost over, I'm wrapping up my key takeaways. Grateful for the incredible insights gained from top workshop facilitators, through my podcast UXYZ and the Inner Circle Mentorship at Aj&Smart Sharing my top 5 lessons from these maestros: 1️⃣ Silence speaks volumes - Not intervening is an intervention 2️⃣ Trust is earned, not demanded - Build it before seeking it. 3️⃣ Fun fuels engagement - "People just wanna have fun" 4️⃣ Empower, don't overshadow - You can help, not do it for them ! 5️⃣ Set, manage, repeat - Expectation management is a continuous effort. And you, what was your main learning this year ?
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5 lessons from World-Class Facilitators.
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And the last lesson here :)
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My pleasure @Deborah A. Yes, I am, this is where I usually post these type of content. Let’s connect ! 🤗
Design Sprint Hack - The Remix Sketch
Hey Guys, I recently had a cool chat with Dee Scarano on my podcast UXYZ. In this episode, I learned that she doesn’t stick to the usual 4-step sketch when she facilitates a Design Sprint. (She also shared some other facilitation secrets — trust me, it’s worth a listen! ). Instead, she substitutes some of the classical steps with an exercise of her own creation, that she named “the Remix exercise.” As workshopper lovers, I thought that you could be interested by this little hack. Let me know what you think :)
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Design Sprint Hack - The Remix Sketch
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More info about this exercise here :
How to facilitate a smooth hybrid workshop ?
Discover how to craft a seamlessly successful hybrid workshop experience with this carousel. As someone who has reservations about hybrid workshops, I do recognize their undeniable value, especially in today's ever-evolving work landscape shaped by the pandemic.Adapting to new norms such as remote work and geographically dispersed teams has become essential. Let's face it – the era of change is upon us, and mastering the art of hybrid workshops is the compass to navigate it. Organizations are on the hunt for the perfect formula to blend virtual and in-person dynamics, and guess who holds the recipe? That's right, us facilitators! Integrate these 8 tips into your upcoming hybrid workshop, and I guarantee that the impact will be etched into your participants' memory. Now, I’m curious…What's the secret sauce in your toolkit for achieving great hybrid workshops?
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How to facilitate a smooth hybrid workshop ?
Strategy Workshops Tips
How to Elevate your Strategy Workshops! 🧠🟨 Facilitating strategy workshops can be incredibly challenging. It's not just about choosing the right activities, it's about ensuring participants grasp the underlying business concepts, provide accurate answers, and stay engaged. It requires a lot of brainpower from both the facilitator and the attendees. So, what can you do to ensure your audience keep productive and engaged?🤔 Check-out the five tips I've learned from facilitating strategy workshop that considerably improved the workshop experience by making it easier for the participants. I'm curious. What other tips do you have that I could steal from you ? 🤓
Strategy Workshops Tips
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