5 lessons from World-Class Facilitators.
As the year 2023 is almost over, I'm wrapping up my key takeaways. Grateful for the incredible insights gained from top workshop facilitators, through my podcast UXYZ and the Inner Circle Mentorship at Aj&Smart Sharing my top 5 lessons from these maestros:
1️⃣ Silence speaks volumes - Not intervening is an intervention
2️⃣ Trust is earned, not demanded - Build it before seeking it.
3️⃣ Fun fuels engagement - "People just wanna have fun"
4️⃣ Empower, don't overshadow - You can help, not do it for them !
5️⃣ Set, manage, repeat - Expectation management is a continuous effort.
And you, what was your main learning this year ?
Mehdi En-naizi
5 lessons from World-Class Facilitators.
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