How to facilitate a smooth hybrid workshop ?
Discover how to craft a seamlessly successful hybrid workshop experience with this carousel. As someone who has reservations about hybrid workshops, I do recognize their undeniable value, especially in today's ever-evolving work landscape shaped by the pandemic.Adapting to new norms such as remote work and geographically dispersed teams has become essential.
Let's face it – the era of change is upon us, and mastering the art of hybrid workshops is the compass to navigate it. Organizations are on the hunt for the perfect formula to blend virtual and in-person dynamics, and guess who holds the recipe? That's right, us facilitators!
Integrate these 8 tips into your upcoming hybrid workshop, and I guarantee that the impact will be etched into your participants' memory. Now, I’m curious…What's the secret sauce in your toolkit for achieving great hybrid workshops?
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Mehdi En-naizi
How to facilitate a smooth hybrid workshop ?
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