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Does A New Paid Community Hurt Your Free Community?
Someone asked me if starting the new paid community hurt engagement in the Content Academy. I didn't know, it was a good question. Turned out, active members in the Content Academy is up since the No-Code Architects launch. Now, I'm not exactly sure what's behind that, I won't even speculate. It might be people coming over from the Skool Games, or dare I say all the promotion 🤦 But it's interesting to see the data. Good to know it didn't go down! On average for the past year, we've maintained this level of activity as the members increased (ranging from 36% to 40%) The 3rd graph is from the No-Code Architects, which I think makes a lot of sense because people are paying for it.
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Does A New Paid Community Hurt Your Free Community?
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@Stephen G. Pope Active users by day & hour would be interesting. Might give you an view of when the community is at it most active. Are there any metrics like that now?
The #1 Skill For Building A Community
👉 Letting other people help you 👈 (at least for me, this was the hard skill to develop) I'm kind of the build in private type, solo kind of guy, very independent. The act of building a community is quite foreign to me, I still feel that way now. But what I've learned here in the Content Academy (and also in my new community) is that the real skill for building community is letting people help you. You want people to enjoy the community, stick around, right? The only thing that will really do that is all the people. People will burn through all your course material in minutes. Then what? I mean, you can use the Skool leaderboard and give people access to courses as they engage and get points. But does that REALLY drive the right behavior? People start to game it, and just post to get likes to unlock courses. Something deeper has to be there. You just need that core of 3-5 people that are active to run even a 4000+ community. And another 5-10 that come and go from time to time. That should be your focus, the people—more than trying to burn yourself out creating more and more course material to keep people fed. The truth is most people aren't using that info, instead, how can you actually change their behavior, get them to use the info, and benefit from? That's the key. People need to be progressing in some way to stay with you. And thanks everyone for making this such a great place!! 🙏
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Ye nailed it.
It's 2:00 and I never got an email?
What time zone was this event supposed to take place? I am on est time and its 2:08 and I can not find the email or a link?!? I don't want to be late ⏰
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@John Cruz It's 2pm PST. So that should be 5PM EST
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