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Hey. Welcome to Airtable School. Glad you're here! This community helps entrepreneurs and professionals organize their business data with Airtable. Airtable is a relational database platform. It's dead simple to learn, has a user interface that you'll actually like, and will help you run your business 10x better. 80% of Fortune 100 companies use Airtable for a reason šŸ˜œ This group is new and I'm in the process of creating educational content around Airtable. In the meantime, here are some helpful resources to help you get started if you're new to Airtable: - Get started with Airtable tutorial - Airtable's YouTube Channel - Introduction to Airtable basics Skool (where this community is hosted) also has a mobile app! Get the iOS app here. Get the Android app here
Can you teach me how to use blocks?
Hey! Want to learn how to implement this Do I need to install git and npm?
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Hey! So I may or may not be structuring this correctly, but here it goes. I have a form that people fill out as a sign up sheet. On the backend (grid) I want to be able to assign a region and a territory based on zip codes. Most states only have 1 region and territory. Some states (larger ones) have multiple territories; these states are the ones we look at zip codes for. How would I do this as an automation? If that's the way to do it?
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Free Scripts šŸ§‘šŸ¼ā€šŸ’»
I'm going to save Scripts that I write for members here. Scripts allow you to interact with your Airtable base using code instead of by clicking buttons on the screen. This means you can do things with your data in seconds that would normally take minutes or hours to do. Click the link above to see the available Scripts and how to use them!
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File Size
Is there a way to calculate the combined file size of an attachment field? eg. I use an automation to send proofs but some fail as the combined files are over 25MB. I'd like to know in advance if possible.
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