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For Women over 40 who want to have inner peace, more confidence, a loving ❤️relationship & to FLOURISH using mindfulness, meditation & manifestation.


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Would You Join A Content Automation & AI Focused Community?
The topics and people in this community range a lot and I like that. This has become a really cool place, thanks! 🙏 But it also makes things less specific across the board. If I were to create a dedicated content automation and AI focused community, would you join? To scale your personal brand, content agency, or your own content automation agency? The goal would be have a tight community, on topic, on task, and to have only the dedicated people inside it. Would you be down? Let me know. If the demand is high enough I'll create it. And if you have personal thoughts on what would make it awesome for you, let me know in the comments.
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I might join. I'm not sure because it might be step 2 or step 3, when I'm clearly on step 1 of this content creation journey. I'm just getting started and don't have a team yet. It's just me.
Continuing my thoughts on finding your NICHE... This might help you create more NICHE content and marketing material—and at the same time not fear you're leaving business on the table. One of the biggest fears about niching down is that you'll lose business to the infinite number of people you COULD help. Only because you didn't say it all upfront. (It's actually a silly thing to think because no one cares or is paying that much to your marketing material to deep dive into what you're saying unless it's truly relevant to them right now.) But this is important: Understand that what you market to the world and what you ultimately sell can be two different things. You can sell all sorts of services if you have an active listener. But you can't market them all at once to a passive scroller. Use your marketing to go deep on one subject that NO ONE can beat you on. Go niche, make an impact, say something that NO ONE else can. Once someone notices you, reaches out, makes contact, you can sell whatever you want because you have their attention. And likely some trust because you have some guts to say something no one else is. You can convey all the nuances and complexities of your services to an active listener. But in your marketing where you have someone's eye for just a second, don't overload them. Do something amazing so that you get that second chance for the full deep dive on what you can do for them.
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I love your Truth Bombs! 💣💥 Keep them coming please! Perfect timing -- needed to hear this.
Long Before I Did Marketing... I Built A Car Computer
Long before I did marketing. I was an engineer and built stuff like this car computer. This was back in early 2000. Long before you could buy anything like this. I had a removable LCD screen. (which I had to source from a special vendor) Even had to have a local sheet metal shop help me build the back for it, so it was removable. I could play CDs and mp3s. To do this, I had to write some special software to control the volume and navigate the playlist. I also had all the emulators so I could pull over and play Mario Kart and Super Mario. And of course, I had GPS, maps, and navigation. This was way before Google Maps, so I had to hunt down software. Google eventually bought the software I was using, and it became the beginning of Google Maps. I even had to build some of my own electronics in order to connect the GPS to the serial port. This was still one of the most fun projects I’ve ever worked on. What’s an old project that you loved?
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Long Before I Did Marketing... I Built A Car Computer
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Wow! Such a cool story!! You’re smart :)
❌ My Thoughts On The TikTok Ban
First, I'd say always keep yourself nimble and be ready to go wherever the attention is. Life will always move along and we'll need to adapt. I think its a better mindset just to stay there and do what you need to do, when you need to do it. Changes in the system always bring new opportunities as well. But, getting more specific, even if its banned it will likely be sold to a US company. At that point it'll likely remain nearly the same. That's how I'm thinking about it. If you have any insights or thoughts drop them in the comments below!
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I agree with you that it will be sold to a USA investor/company. And on all your other points. 👍
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@Daniels Lathum I heard FB would not be approved by congress to purchase TT, due to monopoly rules (or something like that).
Selling Products In Skool With Thrivecart Landing Pages
Made a quick video on how to sell courses on Skool using external landing pages without having to manually add and approve new members. Using Thrivecart and Zapier you can build a smooth customer experience. I Cover: ✅ Why having an external landing page is important ✅ What common mistakes to avoid ✅ The tools I use to make it all possible Let me know if you have any questions.
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Selling Products In Skool With Thrivecart Landing Pages
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@Stephen G. Pope ah, yes. That makes sense. So def some pros and cons. TY!
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@Stephen G. Pope 👍 thank you!!
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