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$0 to $100k in less than 3 weeks: new Skool community success story
This breaks down exactly how we went from 0 to $100k in cash collected in less than 3 weeks with our new Skool community. This is my first post in here, after 1 week on the platform. And I'm LOVING what Skool is doing for my business so far! For context, we’ve been selling $25k-$100k packages organically using social media DMs for the last few years, focusing exclusively on helping successful entrepreneurs sell their knowledge online through building a brand on social media and automation. Although we’re only selling access $1.2k billed every 4 weeks or $10k upfront of the year… Using Skool has allowed our members to get results in 1 week that would usually take 2-3 months in our 1:1 containers. This is crazy. And here’s how we had such a successful launch: First - we knew WHY we wanted to have a Skool community. As the founder of the business, while it was nice to have days where you collect multiple six figures, my goal was to shift the business from “hunt and kill” to living by our values of freedom and fulfillment. All our payments from the past were via wire initiated on the client's end, meaning there were often big delays on us getting paid. Having to constantly hire consultants from McKinzie (etc) as we added additional clients to our business was becoming something I was resenting, and having a huge and stressful sales team just wasn’t “it” for me. Two - we needed to come up with a proposed value proposition. To launch successfully, we had to create a hypothesis as to why members would choose to join. Importantly, however, we knew this was just a hypothesis and we had a plan of action prepared if our marketing didn’t match up with the reason why people were buying. This is critical to remember for later on in this post. Three - we built a one-page sales page (OPSP) We always do this whenever we launch a new product. It’s the way we’re presenting that product to the market (the “offer”). We made 0 promises, guarantees. Actually, it was pretty soft. But I wanted to see if it would sell.
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@Jamie Ogilvy you got it.
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@Robert Lewin grateful to serve! hope you enjoyed the interview with sam too
No expertise - Is Skool valuable to me?
Hello everyone, I follow @Alex Hormozi on multiple platforms and his ad for this got me lol. If it wasn’t him, honestly l wouldn't have joined this platform. There’s a few other “offers” I’ve joined in the past and I’ve received little to no value from. The reason I’m posting this is because I’m not an expert in anything specific. I’ve done a lot of dabbling over the years and haven’t found anything specific to settle on. I’ve gotten decently good at photography, videography, web design, social media management, fitness, coaching, aquariums, home renovations, parenting advice, etc. It seems like every person here has a purpose or a specific direction that gives them conviction when talking about their purpose. I’m asking for someone who struggles with imposter syndrome and hasn’t spent years on anything specific to teach people about. I’ve seen people do a similar thing to the Skools concept with FB groups but maybe I’m missing the point of this app. Any suggestions and/or insight on how I’m missing the mark with this would be helpful. I don’t think I’m being misled in anyway with the potential of how Skool can be beneficial for a lot of people. I just don’t have the same credentials or experience of a lot of people I’m seeing on here. Thanks for reading, Peter
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What are the things that others repeatedly turn to you for advice on or to ask Questions about? You may have something but are facing imposter syndrome which is masking the fact that you do know your stuff there.
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@Rolf Schmidt so in that case what are your interests
My $100k Skool mistake
Last year, I made a huge mistake when launching my Skool community. Although it generated $100k+ in cash collected in less than 3 weeks without a big launch (I made a post about that here), this post breaks down where we went wrong and what we’re doing now. For context, we’ve been selling $5k-$100k packages for the last 5 years, focusing exclusively on helping people sell more coaching offers, via organic social media & DMs. We had a hypothesis that if we launched a $1.2k per month membership, we’d create a vetted, super-exclusive community that coaching offer owners really need. So, we put together a live webinar to sell the first 50 spots… It took me about 4 days of straight work to get it good enough to launch. After all, this was just a test, so it didn't need to be perfect. We sold out, fast (in less than 3 weeks as my other post explains)… But things got a little… confusing… when we surveyed every single person who joined… We asked them questions like “why did you join,” “what outcomes do you want to get to,” and “who are two high calibre individuals you could refer to Impact School?” Out of all 43 of the 50 members who completed the survey… Only 1 mentioned they had joined for the vetted community (which we were thinking was our key selling point in our hypothesis above). Actually, ALL but one of the members had joined: - To sell more coaching offers in a leveraged/semi-automated way (ideally breaking the $100k per month mark) - To dominate the news feed on social media and sell in the DMs - To become the authority in their industry and build an audience that love them So we made a HARD pivot. We switched out front-end offer back to a coaching/implementaton offer, delivered through Skool (actually, our customers love it being delivered there so much that we’ve referred tons of people to use Skool, to run their coaching offers on, and are now teaching them how to do it)
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FYI we use ClickUp to track the customer journey right now, it's quite a lot of manual work. And a VA from our team goes through each of our coaches Skool accounts each day to look at their activity and: 1. Notes the coaching given to each client and moves it to the clients clickup customer journey 2. Documents FAQs and brings it to our product lead so we can create training/material around commonly asked topics
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@Emma Hamlin we either sell via DMs or on a quick interview (if they've been on a webinar). So no, our price is considerably higher than what Skool allows us to charge and we have them pay upfront for 4-6 months.. After that, they have an auto payment of $299 per week to stay inside the community
New to Skool. Who dis?
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The Hormozi effect. One post and he's going for gold.
Hormozi has invested in Skool! Congrats, Skool team!
Huge news for Skool - massive congrats to the Skool team! Gonna be even more attention here now. Time to take scaling your Skool community seeeeriously! Sam and I sat down a few weeks ago and recorded an interview on how to build a thriving Skool community. Definitely worth a watch.
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@Danny Mallinder was an epic one, right? Sam is the GOAT!
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