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Shawn Tassone
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Bio: Shawn Tassone MD PhD is Americas Holistic Gynecologist and author of The Hormone Balance Bible
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Dimitrios Kaplanis
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Bio: Love Life
Chase Tolleson
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Bio: After a decade in the entrepreneurial space with my own gym and operating online since 2018, I now help coaches create real, sustainable businesses.
Jared T Ross
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Bio: I help creators turn their knowledge or passion into profitable and impactful online education. • Former professor at University of San Francisco.
Daheem Amin
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Bio: .
Jacob Olivier
South Africa • INFP
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Bio: Head of Delivery at CourseClout
Delano Covarrubias
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Bio: Creating and amplifying amazing learning experiences with CourseClout and
David Caceres
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Bio: Real estate & Property management company The life in DC 🏡
Rolle Core
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Bio: one two
Robby Luyken
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Bio: Fitness and entrepreneurship
Toyin Dawodu
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Bio: I help people and asset managers get a higher risk adjustment on their money.
Gronk Wizard
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Bio: Enterpreneur
Kathleen eve Mania
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Bio: Scale Systems Tech
Emeric Thorpe
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Bio: I give people a path to mastering their ability to write as well as they wish they could. Because they can and this is how…
Brent Burns
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Bio: I’m a somewhat fit in my 50s father, interested in making the most out of the this phase of my life by helping others grow their dreams into brands.
Amanda Ramos
Toronto, Ontario🇨🇦 • INFJ
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Bio: ❤️‍🔥Entrepreneur by Heart❤️‍🔥
Hr Oc Osarenren
Netherlands • ISTP
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Bio: Managing Director CharlstenBvba
Jonathan Clark
Kansas City
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Bio: Founder of Always Beek1nd KC a non-profit dedicated to providing technology, and making a positive impact in the lives of less fortunate families.
Emma Camilleri
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Bio: Head of Marketing Building impactful brands
Giulia Guerrieri
New York, NY • ENFJ
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Bio: I generated $2M+ cash as a content creator, now I teach others how to do the same. 👉🏼 You can find me on Instagram: @iamgiuliaguerrieri
Sami Akhchin
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Bio: Physician Associate. Master Negotiator. Mom. Expat. I create content to help med geeks become financially independent.
Nicolas Farzanfar
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Bio: I am a YouTuber (1M+) who found success making video game content. I’m now looking to focus less on my career/money, and more on my inner happiness
Harriet Hayes
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Bio: .
Terri Turner
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Bio: Building Mental Muscle : Sport Psychology Consultant : Health & Wellness Coach
Jen Test
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Bio: *
Matt Goldberg
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Bio: Solopreneur since 1993, trading surplus goods around the world. Now coaching people how to get paid finders fees by brokering surplus/unwanted goods.
Jennie Boardman
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Bio: *
Sagi Shrieber
Israel • ENFP
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Bio: Designer, Founder, Creator.
Xara Black
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Bio: Coach- Helping Women Heal so they can attract their dream partner after a toxic relationship
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