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Classroom Improvement Thoughts
Hello to the Skool team and the Skool Community. First off, I was just weeks away from launching a course on Kajabi when I stumbled across Sam Ovens on Youtube, and I'm so glad I did!!! Sam's insights on business, personal awareness, mental models and just about every other topic he covers have been instantly game changing for me. For this reason my base position is that with Sam's insights, and the team's skills and passion for this project, all areas of the platform which currently need improvements will be brought up to full potential in due time. With that being said I would find it very helpful to have some deeper insights on what classroom improvements are pending. While I understand and generally accept the premise that the community can be more valuable than the course material itself, I do also believe in the ability of well written, well shot, and well edited educational video content to change lives. I have taken several online courses which had a relatively weak or non-existent community component that I took great value from, because just like a good book you read over and over, the content was on point. Given that Skools foundation and differentiation is in its community model, it is totally understandable that a large portion of the upfront efforts have been allocated there to make sure it is industry leading, which I believe they have achieved. However, my concern is that the classroom needs several key improvements, which I will list under the two broad categories of distraction proneness and gamification, both which could fall under the heading of user experience, and or user propensity to complete course material. DISTRACTION PRONENESS: 1. Small Video Player: The default video player is very small, vs some other leading course platforms with on app video hosting, that have options for the classroom setting which has a default video player screen which is nearly full screen. I would love to see the curriculum tabs and the progress bar pushed to the far right of the screen, rather than so close to the middle of the screen, leaving so much empty room in the margins.
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Well said! We are huge advocates of the client experience and would love to see more of a focus on content engagement.... afterall, "Skool" does imply learning. :) Like you we are thrilled to have found Skool (having built several membership sites on other platforms in the past) and are crossing our fingers an audio player and some gamification around content, not just social interaction, are on the way. Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts. Best of luck on the launch.
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@Sam Ovens grateful!
Audio Player?
It's my understanding that Skool does not currently support audio. If so, are there any plans to add audio player for content delivery? 🎵 Three reasons: 1. Audio books are best consumed via a player that restarts where the listener left off and automatically goes to the next chapter. (Imagine driving in the car and how annoying/distracting/unappealing it is to be listening to a video and then have to push play every time you want to start a chapter - ugh.) 2. Mini audio lessons. We have a tremendous amount of content designed to be "on-the-go." Short, high-value audios that our clients LOVE. Audios imply ease, effortlessness, click to listen anywhere. Most people do not think, "let me turn on a video to listen", so video is a mental block to our clients engaging with this content style. 3. Clients are asking us for audio versions of our videos - easier to listen to while on the road. Smaller file sizes. So, we are inclined to strip audio, and offer it up. Having the option to provide content via audio increases our engagement and has our clients feel like we are meeting their needs. Video delivery has very real limitations. Hope you are considering it. :) Thank you in advance. 🙏
Audio Player
Would love to see an additional audio player in the classroom modules.
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@Fat Burning Female exactly right. Our clients engage both audio and video.
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