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Hi! Welcome AI Authority Creators™!! This community helps creators, influencers and entrepreneurs use AI to monetize their content, grow an audience & build authority in their niche. Step 1: Introduce yourself below! (✄ copy/paste template 👇) Where are you from? Biggest super power? Biggest weakness? Which content platform is your favorite? What do you want immediate help with inside of this community? Step 2: Discover How to Unlock all the Classroom Resources ------------- Best practices in this community: • Level up by posting insights and thoughtful comments. • Help others level up by liking 👍 good posts and comments. • Be kind • If you need help, just ask the community 💪
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@Bubba Wages Hey there Bubba! 🤠 Between the FL sun and GA charm, you got the best of both worlds. And being such a smooth talker? Superpower for sure to inspire people! 🗣️💪 I feel you on sometimes having more ideas than follow-through. Been there, trust me! 😅 Having accountability partners and maybe using AI to automate pieces could help with that. We all need more support on the daily hustle! And rockin' social media for your health biz and networkin'? I gotchu! 💪 There are definitely ways AI can make content creation, engagement and outreach a TON easier so you can focus on your peeps. I'm imagining videos, landing pages, the whole enchilada pumping on autopilot. 🚀 Wanna hop on a quick call to chat tactics? I love walking though ways to blend that human touch with automated magic. Just lemme know! In the meantime, so psyched you're here Bubba. This community will be like your extended fam, supporting you all the way! 🤝 🥳
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@Tami Grgas I can relate to the miliary lifestyle! My hubby served for 23 years. So the the military fam holds a special place in my heart. Thank you all for your service! And Canada to Nebraska? That must've been quite the adventure. Love how you built connections across borders. 🤝 Listening with empathy is such a superpower for bringing people together too! I get needing space when you're hurting though. Self care is so key! Just know this community aims to lift each other up during tough times. ❤️ I think one of the biggest issues when we are online entrepreneurs is the isolation of it. That's why this community can be a huge help to those that plugin! Now...consistently showing up on social? Girrrrl, tell me about it! 😩 With my chaotic schedule, I so struggle too. But there are definitely AI tools that could help us create the RIGHT content so that we attract our peeps to us in a way that matters to them. Ease the workload, right? 💁‍♀️ If you would like to chat about ways we can help you, let us know! So glad you are here, Tami!
OpenAI Just Keeps Dropping the Good Stuff!
OpenAI just did it again! Just when Google thought it had the spotlight with its new AI model, Gemini, OpenAI TOTALLY stole their thunder by introducing a new video tool - say hello to Sora! 🚀 Named after the Japanese word for "sky," Sora is OpenAI's latest marvel, turning text into videos that are nothing short of magical. This means CHATGPT will create videos for us!! WOOHOO! Coming SOON! Picture this: you type out a scene, and Sora brings it to life with videos that could easily pass for Hollywood work. We're talking complex scenes, emotions, and characters all woven together from simple text prompts. And yes, it's as cool as it sounds! While Sora's still getting prepped for the big stage, the buzz is real. Imagine, not too long ago, we were all amazed by AI making pictures. Now? We're on the brink of creating movie-like clips with just our words. OpenAI's not just stepping up the game; they're changing it entirely. Stay tuned, folks, because the future of content creation is about to get a whole lot more interesting with Sora. 🤖 My AI Two Cents... OpenAI Just Keeps Delivering, and this time, they're gifting us the ability to create Text to Cinematic Video GOLD! 🎥✨ Now, the big question on everyone's mind: When can we get our hands on this game-changing feature? While there's no set date just yet, the anticipation is building. OpenAI is known for its meticulous approach, ensuring that when Sora does become available, it'll be nothing short of perfection. We're talking about a tool that's set to revolutionize content creation, making the leap from static images and text to dynamic, emotionally rich video content. The impact? Huge. Imagine the possibilities for storytellers, marketers, educators, and creators of all kinds. Sora is not just about making videos; it's about bringing imagination to life, breaking down barriers to video production, and democratizing storytelling. Whether you're looking to create engaging content for your brand, educational materials that captivate, or simply bring your wildest stories to life, Sora promises to be a game-changer.
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@Jo Lamb absolutely! If you take a peek at some of the early releases, it's pretty stunning!
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@Jay Santana SAME! How are you using it for your business, Jay?
Secret to Using AI for Effective Marketing? Listen In...
I had an awesome time recording a podcast with my sweeet friend, @Phil Pallen . 🤗 We met a few years ago when we were both speaking at Social Media Week Lima. Have you ever met someone before and it was like you were long lost soulmate friends in a hot second? That's how it was! We instantly connected and have been fast friends ever since. He's amazing! We have been back and forth for months sharing our excitement around AI and when he asked me to be on his podcast to chat about AI, it was a heck to the yes! We chatted about how overwhelmed we both feel by the rapid AI developments happening daily. 🤯 But we also talked about the huge potential for US as marketers. Phil asked how I stay on top of all the tools and innovations without getting overloaded. 💻 I shared my frameworks for evaluating and streamlining the most useful AI tools for business impact. We also geeked out over the latest capabilities for content creation, lead gen, visuals and more. 🎙️ I explained why AI works best when you customize it with your brand voice and ideals. Hint, hint...our brand speak strategy! You can hear our full convo on Phil's podcast here: Would love your thoughts in the comments! ❤️
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@Travis Greenlee we had a blast! Did you pick up any good nuggets?
Turn Your "NO's" into "YASSS! With This Marketing Prompt
🔮 Magic isn't reserved for fantasy novels in today's AI world! Ever felt that gut-wrenching pang when your carefully crafted campaign hits an audience's wall of indifference? We've all experienced it! Here's the game-changer: transforming those objections into golden opportunities. Like wielding a marketer's magic wand, imagine morphing every 'but' and 'what if' into a thundering 'absolutely!' This strategy isn't just about winning over your audience. It's about digging deep into their concerns, be it cost-related or trust issues, and spinning them into solutions so enticing that they can't resist. E̳n̳t̳e̳r̳ ̳t̳h̳e̳ ̳p̳r̳o̳b̳l̳e̳m̳:̳ traditionally we haven't taken the time to dig this deep or simply don't know what the common objections our buyers have! BUT WHAT did have this knowledge? WHOOP!, right? I gotcha covered...check out this week's marketing prompt that will analyze and identify objections directly from your sales copy! 💡 Got thoughts on this? I'd love to hear them! Share in the comments. If this post sparked some magic for you, hit that like button and follow me for more AI marketing magic. Let's turn those 'no's into 'yes's together! 💪 🅼🅰🆁🅺🅴🆃🅸🅽🅶 🅿🆁🅾🅼🅿🆃: Analyze the provided copy and generate a list of at least 6 specific and plausible objections that readers may have, which could prevent them from taking the desired action. Each objection should be detailed and explicit, addressing different elements like cost, complexity, credibility, risk, and competition. For instance, instead of simply stating "it costs too much," provide a detailed objection such as "The product is priced significantly higher than competitors offering similar features, making readers hesitant to purchase when lower cost options are available." Additionally, for each objection, provide a detailed solution that includes specific language for integrating into the copy. For example, instead of just stating "emphasize the quality," provide the full text for doing so, such as "Highlight how the product is made with superior materials and constructed using patented processes developed over 10 years by our expert engineering team, resulting in the highest reliability and longevity in the industry."
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@Becky Auer love your willingness to test this one out, Becky! 🌈 Don't hesitate to share your discoveries or reach out if you hit a bump or need a brainstorming buddy. Here's to trailblazing your way to success! 🚀🌟 #DareToTest #InnovateAndServe
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@Nicole Wright generally speaking anything over $2k requires a conversation. That said, if you have a process in place to nurture your leads to a sale (this is a content system that builds the know, like and trust factor), it makes the sales process easier and a sales page could do some of the heavy lifting and even potentially replace the sales call.
Creating a personal chat GPT
Looking for info/training on how to set up my own chat GPT. Would be super helpful. Thanks in advance :-)
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@Travis Greenlee I haven't created a training on this yet but I think this will be our Insider training topic for next month. Sooo valuable to create your own assistants that can do specific things!
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