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The Zapier integration still sucks
It's been so long with this terrible Zapier integration - will we ever see improvements? For example, right now the Zap to unlock a course for an existing member only works about 10% of the time for me. It's so bad. I just ran it 5x for a member and checked after each run the course never unlocks... the zap returns success every time, but nothing in Skool. We need the Zapier integration hugely improving - or a real API. ps. This is not just me, I bought a few Black Fri deals from peeps who use Skool, none of their Zaps worked to unlock courses for me. I'm talking about the unlock for existing member Zap here btw... not the invites.
New comment Nov '23
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also... this results in a security risk on my account... because of this, I have to have a VA with admin privileges (because Mods cant unlock courses for people) to unlock courses for people every day. Can we atleast get some better permission controls? @Sid Sahasrabuddhe
Broadcast delays?
Seems there can be significant delays sending out broadcast posts currently? I posted ~40m ago including a broadcast - still not received. Sometimes it takes 5 minutes, sometimes it takes 2 hours, which makes it not useful for time sensitive stuff. Can you guys improve capacity or throughput here? @Sid Sahasrabuddhe
New comment Oct '23
Allow more then 3 posts to be pinned to modules
I’d like to be able to pin more than 3 posts to a course module - reason being I’d like to create a module which is a “Greatest Hits” of posts from the community, which members really liked the idea of so far but we hit the limit super quick 🙃
Watching Vidos mobile with display off
Often I whatch (or listen) videos with my mobile phone when I'm traveling. It would be greatful, when I can whatch the videos with display off. Becouse often the audio is important not the video. Of course it is not good for tutorials, etc. but for me mainly the text of the audio is important. Is that possible to programm this easily? Thanks a lot.
New comment Jul '23
2 likes • Jul '23
+1 for this. Should be possible with the app (the comment above about it being hosting dependant isn’t entirely true… Vimeo supports this but it doesn’t work in Skool currently).
Better Onboarding
Whenever I try to sign up non tech savy people, the profile creation is always tough. They say: "Oh do I need to put a profile pic?, what do i need to write in my bio?". It would be better if they can get into Skool first and then flesh out their profile later. The initial signup would be better as first name, last name and email. Then another onboarding process that welcomes them into the community. This process would suggest to them how they can fill out their bio and do an intro post. I feel this would remove friction and boost community engagement/retention too. At the moment It turns into I.T support situation on sales calls. This has happened 30+ times
New comment Aug '23
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Bumping this, because it’s like 8 months since this thread and it’s still clearly a major issue (I’ve had 2 support tickets about onboarding today). Please allow reduced friction onboarding, forcing profile pic, bio etc is more trouble than it’s worth - we can encourage it later once they’re in.
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