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11 contributions to Funnel Grandmaster™
Funnel Export
Hey guys had a quick question. Quite new to funnel building in figma Wanted to ask, can you actually export someone elses funnel from their website into figma with a plugin? Or do you actually have to take a screenshot and then do it yourself?
New comment Apr 11
0 likes • Apr 11
got it, what about if I want to export emails only? I beleive that plugin cant do it right?
Flow of funnel
Hey guys , I need your help. I can't decide whether I am going with solution A or B. A) Lead magnet --> Opt-In --> Webinar --> Sales Call --> DFY Course + HighTicket Coaching in total 3.5 k + Downsell to B) if not sufficient funds B) Lead magnet --> Opt-In --> Webinar --> DWY Course € 997 + Upsell later to A) if they can't do it on their own What do YOU guys think? I really appreciate any help you can provide.
New comment Apr 13
0 likes • Apr 11
Do you already have an audience? Or are you starting from scratch?
2 likes • Apr 11
@Alexander Brosinger I would say you HAVE to do sales call, I believe its going to be difficult to convert people at the beginning when u have no testimonials etc through a webinar. That's just my opinion. Sales call convert way better and im telling you as a sales rep that I am myself which has closed a total in 130k cash collected in 7 months
E-com Funnel Design
Guys this is my first E-com funnel design can anyone have experience in the E-com space give me some feedback
New comment Apr 14
1 like • Apr 11
I'd say the title is too long tbh seems too heavy
🛑 Never Give Up On Your Dreams
Hey FG family, I don't know who needs this right now. But I'm here to tell you that life can be beautiful. Maybe you're going through something right now, and it's hard to be "positive"... Maybe it's hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Specially for us entrepreneurs with goals and dreams inside. We see this vision of the life we want to live. Not just the money, but the CHANGE we can have in other ppls lives because of what we make. We're the dreamers, the doers, the risk takers. The crazy ones. And we're doing it for a great reason. To help us find freedom, and help others live free too. For some it's more about traveling the world, and that's fine too. For some, you just wanna take care of your loved ones. For some, you just wanna retire your parents. I'm here to encourage you today. To encourage you to never stop and never give up. No matter how "dark" it may feel. Maybe you're being super hard on yourself too... Doesn't help, right? When you only see the "lack" of where you want to be, it makes it hard to see the progress of where you came from. The fact you're here, means you're making progress. Some of you are living the life you used to pray for. It's ok to want more, and have bigger goals. But don't give up the joy of the present, for the future tomorrow. Most people will live their tomorrow regretting today. Even worse, tomorrow will be another today dreaming of the next day. Find peace in knowing your own the right path. Your "mess" will be the message on a stage one day. If you had no bruises, you wouldn't have a story to tell. I used to visualize me being on stage when I was at my darkest moments. I used to tell myself that one day this will be inspiration to someone else. That's why I have the authority to tell you this today. No matter where you're at. We're all equal. Just on different paths, at different times. Your turn is coming. Your role is growing. And you're being molded to become the person for it.
New comment Mar 31
3 likes • Mar 22
Thanks Gusten, appreciate the motivation man!! Hope you recovered from the burnout man, take care!
Looking for a funnel builder, DONT DM ME
Im looking for someone that has good experience with funnel building and that has a portfolio with different funnels he has built to existing clients if possible, just attach below your portfolio and why I should choose you. Thanks :)
New comment Mar 16
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