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5 love languages, legit or bullsh*t?
What's your guys thoughts of the 5 love languages by Gary Chapman? Worth reading? Legit? Will save your relationship? Thanks
Brian Morris
Jonathan Lau
Adebayo Hanson
Lawrence P
Erwin B
New comment 13d ago
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@Nick Smith Awesome link, I was looking for this, thanks man!
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@Lawrence P Oh, what is a trauma bond?
102. MOA Team: Grant Jordan, Miguel Colon, Tyler Schoenick, Char Modelle - Michael Sartain Podcast
A two and a half hour interview I did with the team from Men of Action.
Jonathan Lau
Alex Katsanos
Jared Murphy
Clan T
New comment Oct 22
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Great behind the scenes podcast. Thanks!
I need advice on losing weight
I’m having trouble finding the motivation to lose weight and be healthier I would love to get advice on this matter thanks in advance.
Terence Chau
Ty Buchanan
William Thomas Middelthon
Kevin Hull
Maxime Cote
New comment Oct 9
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Motivation is not lasting. And weight loss can take a long term sustained effort. So you need discipline in order to reach your weight loss goals. To do this you need accountability. To get accountability you need to hire a personal trainer or fitness coach. If you need a coach I can recommend you my online coach. Other than that, the chances of you reaching your weight loss goal or staying at that ideal weight is minimal. I spent 5 years in the gym and got almost nowhere. I invested in a coach and 2-3 years later I finally figured it out. If you're not willing to invest in yourself right now, if it is not urgent for you, then there isn't much left to say.
Fake Followers Solution?
Trying to clean up my followers for better engagement metrics. Is there an app or software or VA which can help see or remove fake accounts or see accounts from India, Tehran etc? Thanks
Jairo Lopez
Erwin B
Maxime Cote
New comment Oct 8
IG shadow ban?
I think I got shadow banned? Every time I try to go on a girls profile from my list it says "Something is wrong" ? Been like this for last 24 hrs :/ Anyone else had this before?
Maxime Cote
New comment Oct 8
How to skyrocket your IG engagement... new MOA addition!
Today we are releasing a new Telegram engagement group exclusively for members of this community! This automated platform will help grow your Instagram engagement by leveraging the Men of Action community. How it works: Engage with other members' posts by liking and (thoughtfully) commenting on a list of posts received from the bot. Then post your link and get the same engagement! You can do this for old and new posts on Instagram. Reels, videos, carousels, and pictures are all supported. To get started, click this link:
Winston Dg
Facundo Winat
Amar Khan
Tim Taylor
Eli Hollingsworth
New comment Aug 30
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@Nick Smith Good point!
DM Invites
I've been inviting girls to an event 20-30 per day and I noticed that the first 2-3 days I was getting replies, but then after that the next 3 days I wasn't getting any replies. Does Instagram shadow block you or mark your DMs as spam after a couple of days of DMing the same invite/message? This is what I feel is happening 😅 Like IG suddenly put all my DMs in spam.
Ans Khalid
New comment Aug 23
I brought 60 models to a fashion event
Hello gentlemen, Last month, I hosted a fashion show in Munich, Germany where I brought around 60 girls. This opportunity gave me massive status boost and really high quality IVE. Here’s the event video: I joined MOA about 4 months ago and right now for me inviting female friends to an event isn’t a problem at all. In fact, so far I have 4 events (2 parties and 2 photoshoots) lined up in July on four weekends. I just followed the 4 steps of MOA to achieve this: - Fixed my IG initially, learned to use light room and photoshop - offered value to the event organizers and hosts (also to other MOA guys) in the beginning to create content for others and volunteered at other people events as @Anthony DiRico suggested in a call Now I hangout with the celebs/influencers of the city: models, tv hosts, event organizers and bloggers etc. Also I am getting invited to very exclusive events where the quality of people is really high. My social life has been transformed and status elevated during the last few months. Looking forward now to push even more boundaries with a simple philosophy in mind “give, give, give, give and keep giving so much that you make people dependent on you and you’ll not even have to ask for anything” ~ Alex Hormozi Cheers! Add me on IG: @anskhalidm @Michael Sartain
Grant Jordan
Michael Cambianica
Jonathan Lau
Ioannis Anastasakis
Deven Autar
New comment Aug 17
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dam killing it brother!
Fear of getting cheated on and how to deal with it
Hey guys! Curently being intimate with a beautiful girl and I really like her a lot. The only problem at the time when we startet she had a boyfriend and felt bad bacouse of cheating but still went on with me. On saturday she broke up with him and now she is single but still texts him and is emotionaly attached to him. She has a history and she is not proud of it that she always did it like that she found one other dude who she fell for and slowly broke up with the other. So this is probaly going to happen to me if we dont get married etc. I am having a hard coming to terms becouse of my fear of getting played like she played her boyfriend for the last 2 months becouse of it. Should i just enjoy till it lasts or should i not go with it. I do really like her and I am a bit obssesed. I wrote to my other girls that we were friends with benefits so i get some sex also with other girls so I get some abundace but still the problem is there and would need or really like some words from you more experienced guys. This is the first time i am thinking about a relationship in 10 years. Curently 28 yo. Thank you guys. Really love everything Michael and the course did for me. 10/10 would recommend.
Ty Buchanan
Urban Vidmar
Zachery Moy
Raymond A
Justin Lubert
New comment Apr 12
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She sounds like a red flag. But bottom line is: Work on yourself to a level that, if you had to, you would easily be able to replace her. Marriage will definitely not solve your issue and is coming from a bad place. Your obsession is very unhealthy and likely stems from past trauma e.g. childhood abandonment, which should be brought to awareness through therapy or other forms of self-development or trauma release work.
Thought-provoking question about marriage:
Just some food for thought because I was recently having a discussion about this, to the guys on here who are married or have been married- can you name one relationship benefit that a government -issued marriage contract will give me that I can't get outside of one? Is there actually any reason to be married in 2023? Even if you're religious, you can't tell me God finds a legal paper more binding than vows to each other.... is their any reason to? I won't get tax benefits either so that's irrelevant. Edit: just asking because I'm starting to get shit from my family like "when are you planning to get married?" And I'm not.
John Arshadi
Eli Hollingsworth
Ari Bailor
Ty Buchanan
Jonathan Lau
New comment May 3
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@Eli Hollingsworth Kk mate just contributing, and playing devils advocate, hope it was somewhat useful, if not then apologies. It seems from your replies that I'm not answering your question well or being helpful to you. It's a complex question/s you've posted and not always easy to interpret one's tone or sarcasm or joke through text.
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@Ty Buchanan 😂😂
Lumee phone case
Do you guys still recommend the Lumee phone case or do you have any alternative recommendations? I find the Lumee phone case light is not that bright. Thanks!
Eli Hollingsworth
New comment Jun 2
Solution for Monday calls
There should be a moderator for aligning the people who want to come on Monday calls to avoid letting what happened in today's call. @Michael Sartain take a look at Richard Cooper's channel (Entrepreneurs in Cars), I think his associate Moff moderates and controls who can ask questions for their Monday calls. These people can really damage the channel and will get you a strike. @Tristan Darshan @Guichard Casimir @Miguel Colon @Grant Jordan
Jonathan Lau
Michael Sartain
Ans Khalid
Connor Mcinnis
Eli Hollingsworth
New comment May 4
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That call was traumatizing
Caption creation software?
Hey guys I want to create big bold and colourful captions for my reels like Michael's reels, can anyone tell me what software Michael uses for this? Thank you 🙏
Samuel Stevenson
Nick Smith
New comment May 2
My first Ig pics, are they good?
Here you go! Feedback appreciated. Pic 5 and 6 are in the same location. I'm not sure about 6. I think pic 6 is cool for maybe a 2nd slide, but I'm not sure if it's too zoomed in. On my 2nd monitor, some pics appear quite dark, so I'll have to see what it looks like on iPhone. Tagging the Montreal guys @James D @Ray Hyacinthe and the expert @Ty Buchanan
Gilean Benton
Eli Hollingsworth
Ty Buchanan
Ben Siegfried
Gabriel Robles
New comment Apr 26
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Looking good bro, keep it up!
Best Online Jobs
Finally got my career where I can make good money working 6 months a year if I choose but looking for even more freedom 1. $50k is the goal due to current savings and moving overseas 2. Flexibility and time to create other financial opportunities would be optimal. 40hrs a week flexible 3. **Looking for the most guaranteed route even if the potential of making more is non existent. Something like take classes-get job and not grinding for the “potential” to make X. This is a job to set a foundation to transition into other things and not a career or to build my wealth off of. Would be a plus but, guarantee of making low end is more important
Anthony DiRico
Justin Wells
Zachery Moy
Jonathan Lau
Will C
New comment Apr 21
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@Will C Michael always gives the example of the billionaire who had a sewage business. E.g. pretty sure this guy did not enjoy cleaning peoples sh*t but loved the money it brought him.
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